Thursday, January 13, 2011

Kaiah True

My baby is now 2-months-old. *sniff*sniff*  Therefore, it's high time that I document her sweet little journey into this world on the ol' blog, or what I like to refer to as my "concrete memory." Because, these days, nothing is safe in this brain of mine.

If your new to our blog or don't know me at all, I think it's only fair to give you a bit of warning. I'm a nurse and I'm kind of a birth junkie.  Those two together = occasional graphic descriptive terms such as: cervix, dilation, crowing, pressure, bear down, etc. If you choose to continue on from here, please consider yourself warned. Or if you'd rather, feel free to just scroll past the ramblings and on to the proverbial "fresh out of the oven, cottage cheese curd covered cute baby with flailing arms and legs" pictures.

Truthfully, though? This will probably be my most concise birth story of them all.  It was my shortest and least dramatic labor, but it certainly isn't something I want to forget.  So, this is how it went down and the story of how Kaiah True came to be...

We were scheduled for an induction in the early morning hours of November 9th. I had slept fairly well in my big, comfy chair the night before and was wide awake before my alarm sounded.  I wanted make sure I had plenty of time to shower, get myself pretty to meet little Quatro, double check that the kids' backpacks were ready for school, and to finish packing my bag before saying my goodbyes to our 3 sleeping babes. I had just finished blow-drying my hair when the phone rang and my heart sank.  My cell phone screen showed "unavailable number" and I knew who it was before even answering.


"Yes, this is Mercy Labor and Delivery.  We've had a busy night and do not currently have any beds available for your induction."

Annnnd cue my overly dramatic sniffles and muted sobs.

The charge nurse went on to say that she didn't know when or if things would slow down, but instructed me to call back around 9:00 am to check bed availability if I hadn't heard from them before then.

So, there I stood in my bathroom - hair dried and make-up applied - having an all-out pitty party for myself. The control that I soooo desire had been taken and an audible had been called. Phone calls were made, plans were changed, and I quickly settled back into "mommy mode," getting kids dressed, fed, and off to preschool.

It has been my experience that there are very few times in life when times seems to stand still.  This was one of them. 

Finally, the clock struck 9:00 am and it was time to check back in with the hospital. I was cautiously optimistic when I made the phone call, but knew almost immediately after hearing the nurses voice that they still didn't have room for me. She reassured me that she felt "fairly confident" they'd be able to squeeze me in sometime that day. Doing my best to keep my emotions in check, I remember telling the nurse "This is my 4th baby in 5 years.  I promise to be fast." She laughed and told me to call back again at 11:00.

From 9:05 until 10:55 I layed on the couch resting, watching tv, reading and going over the logistical details of childcare in my head. That's when the phone ring and my heart began racing. The nurse confirmed it - it was go time.

Again phone calls were made, plans were modified and by 11:05 we were heading off to the hospital.

{Eviction day, aka baby day, aka "get this baby out of me" day}

We spent the 20 minute drive to the hospital still discussing baby names.  What we thought was a done deal, all of a sudden seemed a little too premature, so we finalized our contenders and decided that we'd wait to see our little surprise baby before settling on a winner.

By the time we arrived at the hospital, got checked in, and hooked up to the monitors it was a little after noon.  Our nurse, Joanie (the same nurse we had with Elijah!  Coincidence?!?  I think not.) checked my cervix and confirmed that I was still 3-4 cm dilated...exactly what I had been the week before in the office.  My doctor and a resident came in soon after and broke my water, then gave orders for pitocin to be started right around 1:00.

There was no turning back. I remember the feeling of familiarity. This was the point at which all of my labors become strikingly similar.

My mom arrived at some point after the breaking of the water, but before I was in much pain.  We all remember how much I need my mom, right?!?

A little after 1:00 pm Joanie came back in to do a cervical check. 5 cm.  A measly 5 cm. Needless to say, I was hoping for more.

Between 1:30 and 2:00 is when my pain really started to intensify. This is the point at which my experienced paid off.  I knew myself.  I knew my body.  And I knew that when in pain I tend to tense up. Enter: the epidural. In all of my previous deliveries the epidural allowed my body to relax enough so that I would begin to dilate at a quicker pace. So when I felt myself tensing up and unable to completely relax during a contraction is when I gave the nod. Bring on some pain relief.

I was checked a little after 2:00 and was 6 cm.  At that time I was prepped for the epidural and the anesthesiologist was in shortly thereafter.  I haven't had the best experience with epidural placement in the past, so I made sure Dr. Come-to-my-rescue and Joanie were both "in the know" with regards to my previous blood pressure issues.  In only 20 minutes and one try, I was in labor heaven.  There were no blood pressure drops, the epidural provided me with great coverage and didn't leave me with "dead legs."  I declared it a total success.  Dead legs are, in my opinion, one of the worst, most uncomfortable and strange sensations. I enjoy being able to move them as a I please, but also to be able to tell when I'm having a contraction.  This epidural allowed me both and I couldn't have been happier...or more comfortable. 

From this point until push time things were pretty uneventful. We, of course, held J captive in the room, not wanting to risk another near miss. Joanie checked my cervix again around 3:00 and I was 7 cm, but she reported that the baby still felt relatively high. Close to 4:00 I was checked again and progressed one more cm to an 8.  The head remained high.  Joanie said that it wasn't quite centered on my cervix and had me roll to my other side.

By 5:00 I was 9 cm, but the baby still hadn't come down much. At 5:40 Joanie checked my cervix again and I was fully dilated.  However, our stubborn little baby was still relatively high. Joanie said we could start to push.  This is where I became a bit bossy.  I told her I wanted to wait and "labor down" (let the baby come down a little on it's own) before pushing.  She laughed and made some comment about "only another nurse would ask to 'labor down' before pushing."  It was only 10 minutes later when I knew it was time.  The pressure was intense, more so than with my other kids.

My game face was on and I was ready to meet our baby.  But I had to wait.  Wait for the room to be set up.  Wait to be prepped.  Wait for the doctor.  I remember being told to "wait" then looking at my mom and saying, "Oooouuuuccchhh!  This hurts!"

Right at 6:00 everyone else was finally ready, J had taken his seat at the head of my bed, and I was told that I could push. I pushed with a contraction and, subsequently, had my first experience with the "ring of fire." How I made it through 3 previous deliveries and avoided that, I'll never know.  What I do know is that I'm glad it's a pain I will never have again!  I pushed for the 2nd time with the next contraction, and with that out came the most precious little round faced, pugged nose little baby.  The doctor layed "it" on my belly and said, "Well, Dad, what do we have?  A little boy or a little girl?"  And before he could say a thing, I yelled "it's a girl!!"  That's right, I totally (and completely unintentionally!) stole his thunder.  We all got a good laugh and I knew J was just thrilled to have ANOTHER beautiful and healthy little girl.  We felt especially blessed after the doctor announced that she had a double nuchal cord.  Joanie said that her heart tones were the best she's ever seen from a baby with the cord wrapped around her neck TWICE.  God is soooo good.

So, at 6:05 pm Kaiah True entered this world as our perfect little love child #4.

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Jodi said...

Beautiful and funny story!

sillycyclone said...

I love your baby stories!!!

The Lynam's said...

So glad to hear the days events of Miss Kaiah True's arrival... and glad to see you putting your nursing terminologies to work :)

Erica said...

I lover to hear birth stories. Congratulations on a job well done! She is beautiful.

Jenni said...

love the new blog header! :)

Brooke said...

Did you know her name as soon as you saw her?

peter marie said...

What a great story!

She is just a doll. Seriously!

peter marie said...

I mean doll as in, absolutely perfect and adorable. :)


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