Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Santa Experience 2010

With the Santa visit debacle of 2009 still fairly fresh in my mind I was dreading how this year's visit with jolly ol' St. Nick might go down. Naturally, the addition of one more child can up the challenge factor and logistical execution of such an adventure, so we were thrilled when the stars alligned and God performed, what seemed to be, another Christmas miracle....a successful encounter with Santa, himself.

For a little trip down memory lane {here} is last year's post and {here} is the one from the year before. Enjoy!


Jenni said...

hahaha i love this. and the pic of all of you with mr. claus is great!

The Starr Family said...

Yeah no tears!

sillycyclone said...

So sweet!! I read the story from last year...it gave me a good laugh...especially the part about you speed walking!!! Merry Christmas!!!

Jodi said...

These are awesome pictures and so cool to "compare". Love you guys.

Kendra ;) said...

NOTHING short of a Christmas miracle! PS...where did you get those shoes???

The Lynam's said...

Look at the love for the big guy! PS: I 2nd Kenny's question.
PPS: You look AMAZING! Such a beautiful, happy, proud Mama ;)


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