Friday, December 31, 2010

Picture Year in Review...


1. I got a new camera.

2. Camden Shea got a little baby bling....and a BIG (yet, very lovable!) attitude!

3. We did a LOT of playing in the snow.

4. My dad made us this sweeet entryway system!

5. And we had found creative ways to burn energy inside.


1. Addison enjoyed a fun Valentines Day party.

2. We celebrated LOTS of love on February 14.

3. Had friends over.

4. Made some silhouettes.

5. And a jewelry organizer.


1.  We did some work on little man's room...soon to be a little girls room.  More on that later.

2. Got out of our comfort zone and painted a chalkboard wall.

3. We organized the pantry/craft closet...also to change very soon!

4. Had fun with a Craigslist find!

5. Loved on this sweet girl and her siblings.


1. Surprise!  Starr baby #4 was on it's way!

2. We finished up our "slip covered" table.

3. My belly began to grow...

4. The Easter Bunny came.

5. And we enjoyed our new swingset in unseasonably warm temperatures.


1. Swimming season began.  And so did the fun!

2. We enjoyed warmer evenings.

3. And there was no hiding this bump!


1. We had the lovely Allison May capture the love that surrounds us.

2. We enjoyed many nights at the baseball field!

3. Sandal season was the best!


1. The kids participated in the kiddie parade during Summerfest.

2. And sat through the BIG parade!


1. We celebrated 2 VERY big birthdays!  Our Addison Clark turned 5, while Elijah Wrigley embraced birthday #3 with lots of friends and family at Papa and Jojo's pool.

2. Brian and Danielle prepared for married life at a couple's shower in their honor.

2. Yep, Quatro was still growing.

3. And tons of fun was had crossing items off of our Summer Bucket List.


1. A neighborhood block party kicked off the month.

2. My two "big" kids headed off to preschool.

3. And the size of this belly was becoming slightly disturbing. :)


1. Once again, the great Allison May clicked away and captured a time in our life that I never want to forget.

2. Brian and Danielle tied the knot in a gorgeous outdoor ceremony at White Oak Winery.

3. I did lots of frozen meal preparation in anticipation of little Quatro's arrival.

4. We took our annual trip to the pumpkin patch.

5. And scored lots of goodies during Trick-or-treat!

6. In the meantime, I was becoming a beast.


1. November started off with a very BIG celebration...Cami Shea turned 2!!

2. And 3 days later we welcomed her baby sister, our 4th little Starr.  Miss Kaiah True graced our lives with her presence and we are oh-so-grateful for this little miracle!  {Birth story still to come!}

3. And we played some serious BINGO during the Starr family Thanksgiving.


1. December began with heartache as we said goodbye to my sweet Gramps.  He made it to heaven just in time to celebrate the birth of our Savior with our Savior.

2. We, too, prepared to celebrate the birth of our King.

3. While having fun baking, playing, and making gingerbread houses.

4. Our annual excursion to visit Mr. Claus went off without a hitch.

5. Our celebrations with family started at the Starr's.

6. Continued to the Voigt's...

7. And wrapped up at home.

8. Time with family was December's highlight, no doubt.

2010 has been a blessed year, indeed!  Our prayer for you is that 2011 brings more of the same!

Thanks for following along on this journey of our lives. We're thankful for our little circus and for all your love and support!

Happy New Year!

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