Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pictures. Because that's all I have time for.

I've been running 10 minutes late for everything in life these last two weeks. 

I know what you're thinking.

"Good grief, Missy.  You just had a baby!  Give yourself a break." 

I agree.  BUT, my lack of time management skills these days is driving me ca-ray-zay! I can deal with the lack of sleep, the messy house, and my haphazard appearance.  However, what I can not deal with is my sub-par brain functioning. It's like I can't prioritize what needs to be done or how long daily activities will take. It's maddening.  Just maddening, I tell you!

Soooo, please bear with me as I attempt to get my life back in order and my head out of the clouds. And while you're waiting for me to get it together, enjoy some pics of our gorgeous girl and those that love her most.

A very special meeting with great Grandma Nana and great Grandpa Les.

 First bath at home and with an audience.

 Sweet angel.

Despite my aforementioned issues, I am la-la-loving having a newborn around again. It's like Christmas morning everyday I wake up next to this perfect miracle. So cliche, but so true. I'm in love.  Again. 4 times over.



Jenni said...

so precious!!!

The Starr Family said...

Missy, you are amazing. These pictures are so full of life and joy! I am thrilled for your family!

What a gorgeous family!

Tammy said...

Adorable pics. She is so sweet. LOVE the one of J, Eli, and her...Can't wait to meet that sweet girl. Have a great Thanksgiving!

ryangie said...

oh my...love those sweet kiddos :) and you too, of course!

chandra said...

Love the pics of the sweet little one. She looks like Addi! Love the first pic. You have a lot too be thankful for! Slow down and try to enjoy the moment! We'll miss you guys at Thanksgiving!

sillycyclone said...

Love all the pictures!


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