Wednesday, November 03, 2010

8 years

I spent the evening with this good lookin' dude last night.

Just the two of us. No kids. No highchairs. No whining. No mentions of "poo." No complaints about the food. No face wiping. Just us.  Which seemed totally appropriate, seeing as exactly 8 years ago to the day we were celebrating without kids, too.  Only 8 years ago we were saying our "I do's" and committing ourselves to each other for a lifetime in front of our family and friends. And, while we haven't made it a lifetime yet, it's been a wonderful 8 years.

Eight years. Where has the time gone?  That's just what we were asking ourselves over dinner.  So, we took a little trip down memory lane and here's the run down.

Anniversary #1 (2003): We had just moved out of our first apartment and into J's parent's house, with the intention of saving for and buying our first home.  We spent our actual anniversary voting, my first time as Mrs. Starr. I was in nursing school and working full-time as a residential counselor for chemically dependent women and their kids, while J was working full-time nights at the Federal Reserve and also still in school.

Anniversary #2 (2004): We celebrated in our first home. Things were tight and I remember having the conversation about whether or not we should even go out to dinner to celebrate the occasion. I had just finished nursing school and was working full time in pediatrics, while J had also finished school and was teaching 4th grade. Despite our finances (or lack there of!) and our new jobs we had began to contemplate starting our family.

Anniversary #3 (2005): Our contemplation had obviously come to fruitation, as we celebrated anniversary #3 with our sweet Addison Clark, who was almost 3 months old.

Anniversary #4 (2006): I made a career move 5 months earlier and was then (very happily!!) working from home.  I had just suffered a miscarriage, but were still hoping to expand our family.

Anniversary #5 (2007): Expand our family, we did!  This anniversary was spent with our two little ones. Elijah had joined our family just 3 months earlier and we were as happy and content as could be. We had no major plans for the next year.

Anniversary #6 (2008): God, however, had very big plans for our family.  By this 6th anniversary we were just days away from welcoming our 3rd precious baby, Camden Shea.  Additionally, we were in the midst of trying to sell our home to accommodate our quickly growing family AND my dad was only days out from a heart attack and open heart surgery. I can't recall a more stressful/joyful/crazy time in our marriage.

Anniversary #7 (2009): We spent this anniversary in our new home and enjoying the laughter that comes with 3 kids, 4 and under. 

And, that brings us to yesterday...

Anniversary #8 (2010): Again, we're just days (literally) away from welcoming another blessing to our family.  The excitement and anticipation are as high as they've ever been in this home.  We spent our evening dining, talking, reminiscing, and laughing at Dos Rios, then shopping for our soon-to-be 2-year-old {stay tuned later this week and I'll share why the rush is on to finish the birthday shopping!}.  It was a wonderful evening that left us wondering with the next 8 years will bring. God has been so good to these Starr's and we're grateful for each hour, day, month, and year that passes.

J, you've made the last 8 years an adventure -- one that excites me everyday.  I'm so grateful for your companionship, commitment, patience, sense of humor, and kindness.  You treat me like I often don't deserve to be treated and love me through my less than beautiful moments. I feel blessed to be a recipient of your love and devotion, as you're an extremely passionate man.

In a nutshell?  I'm a lucky girl.

Here's to the next EIGHTY years!



Jill@Barnes Yard said...

First off, you look fabulous! Congrats on 8 years! My hubby and I will celebrate #8 in December with baby #3 on the way.

chandra said...

Great post Missy! I was tearing up as I read it! What a great life you guys have and wishing you many more! Love you guys!

Jodi said...

Tearing up, is right! You two are the best!

The Lynam's said...

Happy Anniversary to a wonderful couple!!

peter marie said...

That picture is SO adorable!!

Hope the delivery goes smoothly...can't wait to see if it's a boy or girl!


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