Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Weekend wrap-up and Meal Planning Monday...both on a Tuesday!

We had a busy, but wonderful weekend.

Friday night we celebrated my brother's birthday with dinner, presents, and pie.  All of a sudden he seems less like my "little" brother and more like an adult.  I guess getting married and turning 27 will do that to you!

Our little soccer girl took the court field again on Saturday morning.  At this point in the season, she's extremely proficient at prancing around the court and waving to all spectators.  I couldn't be more proud. Following the big game, I took on my favorite chore of getting groceries (Please sense my sarcasm. Grocery getting is the bane of my existence.), then followed that up with a nap while Mr. Starr mowed the yard. For dinner I attempted Pioneer Woman's Corn Chowder with Chilies and am declaring it a success.  I even made enough to freeze for A.B. (after baby). We watched the Cyclones get pounded (again) and were all in bed early.

Sunday we went to church, then hurried off to celebrate J's grandma's 80th birthday with a yummy brunch at a golf course nearby.  I, again, treated myself to a nap (you need them when heartburn is keeping you up all night!) in the afternoon. That evening we had all the baseball coaches and their families over for what was probably our last BBQ of the season.  I'm confident everyone had a blast, yet I have no proof, as I forgot to take pictures once again.

Somehow Monday made it's way here again and I quick did some last minute meal planning yesterday.  Here's what we've got cookin' this week.

Monday: We had a late dinner of toast and apple butter (very sophisticated, I know) following an afternoon of fun at the pumpkin patch.  Pictures to come because I for once remembered to bring my camera AND use it. 

Tuesday: Chili

Wednesday: Enchiladas (Ole!)

Thursday: Loaded Baked Potato Soup.  Yes, two soups in one week.  Don't judge.

Friday: Leftovers.

Saturday: A wedding for a friend.

I'm off to the doctor again tomorrow and hope I might have a little more to report than last week.  For my brother's sake I hope I'm dilated a little more.  Apparently, he didn't care for the term "fingertip" dilated. :)  And maybe...just maybe...I'll post a couple belly pics.  Until then....



Jenni said...

mmmm corn chowder sounds yummy! and it's too bad we couldn't have all gone to a pumpkin patch together!

Sara Brown said...

J...I think you should bring left overs for lunch the rest of the week! :) (Remember it is all about sharing)!!!!

Brooke said...

BELLY PICS, BELLY PICS, BELLY PICS! I'm chanting this as annoyingly as Elliot chants at me to do something;) I would also like a final guess as to the gender of your baby.


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