Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wedding Weekend!

Wow!  What a weekend!  You know it was a good one when it's Tuesday and you're still trying to catch up!

The wedding was absolutely gorgeous, if you're wondering.  The winery was beautiful, the weather perfect, Brian was handsome, Danielle was stunning, our kids did fantastic, the reception was a blast and I did NOT go into labor (obviously!)!  Woo-hoo!

I didn't take even one picture, which is becoming the unfortunate normal these days.  HOWEVER, Jenni and Chandra got some great shots and I'm confident they won't mind if I steal borrow a few for your viewing pleasure.

Thanks to Jen and Chandra for being today's photo contributors. :)

And now that the wedding is said and done I have finally allowed myself to go into all-out baby mode! Call it nesting or just wanting to be prepared, but whatever you might call it, I'm doing it!  I head back to the doctor tomorrow and will report back with any news...or lack there of!

Later gators!


The Lynam's said...

You and J are the perfect couple! My goodness you both spiff up so nice :) PLUS, your kids were a.dor.a.ble!!!!!

Joanna said...

Beautiful! We drove by there on Saturday afternoon and noticed the winery was ready for a wedding.

The Starr Family said...

Beautiful pics!

Jill@Barnes Yard said...

You look fab.u.lous! I wish I could still have skinny arms when I'm preggo!


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