Wednesday, October 20, 2010

36 weeks 2 days

I'm home from the doctor with only a little to report.  Quatro still looks great.  Dr. Fagerland called him/her a "mover," in fact. My GBS test came back negative, I've lost 2 lbs. (holla!), and I am now 3 cm dilated.  The dilation really wasn't any surprise to me, as I've been about 3 cm dilated with all of my kiddos at 36 weeks, in addition to the fact that I have been having a ton of contractions these last couple of days.  So, I think we're getting close.  But, who really knows? Could still be another 3-4 weeks.  Lord, help me.

Here are just a couple belly shots (from today -- 36 weeks and 2 days) so you can see for yourselves how out of control this thing has become.  Despite the fact that I feel seriously huge, my feet & hands are swollen, and the heartburn is killing me, I'm still loving having this sweet life inside of me.  Am I ready to meet him/her on the outside?  Yes.  Most definitley.  But I'm still trying to savor each day, as I know I will miss them when they're gone.

{I'm throwing this one in simply so you all can take note of the chair in the background.  It is where I've been spending my nights. We've developed a very close, comforting relationship.}

Ok, I'm off to make a little dinner, decorate a few pumpkins, and enjoy a long walk with the fam. Later gators!



ryangie said...

oh so pretty baby in the belly...or handsome :) so sorry about the heartburn, but thankful that God gave you that chair! love you!

Brooke said...

Love the pics! Thank you! Really excited for you guys to experience life with four. It never ceases to amaze me how surprised people act about someone having four children. I'm glad that you and J are just as crazy:) If you really want to feel better about yourself you can view the pics of me on the morning we went in to have Charlie. Holy stomach, Batman!

Brandi said...

I love seeing these pictures! And don't feel bed being's number 4! I totally understand the feeling though!

Savor every kick and hiccup and move. I know, even after only (almost) 7 months of not being pregnant I miss those feelings. Although I'm happy to say there will NOT be a Numero Cinco in this house!

Good luck and God speed to you, Missy! Can't wait to hear good news!


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