Wednesday, October 06, 2010

12 things

1. It's a very good thing that I just discovered the Cherry Limeade Chiller from Sonic. Think: Cherry Limeade goodness mixed with vanilla ice cream.  The result is heavenly and not so great for the now weekly weigh-ins.

2. Yesterday I was suffering from severe exhaustion and could NOT keep my eyes open.  Just when I thought I might have to resort to toothpicks in the eyes, Mr. Starr swooped in and saved the day, allowing me a little cat nap on the couch after dinner.

3. I'm fully embracing fall and using it as a great excuse to make all of our favorite soups. Last night was Bacon Potato Chowder.

4. It's safe to say that "placenta brain" is in full effect these days.  I've been doing the most ridiculous things and forgetting to do the really important ones.  Let's hope this phenomenon grants me a little grace this weekend for the big wedding.

5. Speaking of wedding...I'm feeling super confident now that I will not be crashing my little brother's wedding day and making it a baby day.  We can NOT wait for the wedding festivities to begin.

6. Little Quatro and I received a great report at the doctors this morning.  I am currently 34 weeks and 2 days pregnant, babe is head down, low in the pelvis and ready to roll.  I go back next week for the GBS test and a cervical check. I chose to step on the scale backwards today (please refer to #1), so I have nothing to report on the subject of weight gain.

7. All gender neutral sleepers, blankets, burp rags, and coming home outfits are washed and ready.

8. As for me?  I'm not quite ready.  I mean, I absolutely can NOT wait to see who this little person is, but I'm savoring these last few days/weeks and am not quite feeling "done." 

9. What I am done with, though, is this horrible heartburn.  Ouch. I've been sleeping in an upright position for weeks now and my back/tailbone are feeling the effects.

10. Our home is finally decorated for fall and I hope to show you soon.  Ok.  Let's be honest...I really just post pictures so that when I'm ready to decorate the next year, I can use it as a reference and remember where things were, hence (in theory!) lessening my time spent fretting over what goes where.

11. Tonight we're off to our local firestation for an open house and a little fun.

12. J is home now, the dog is barking, Camden is poopy, and I apparently missed the tornado that ripped through my home.  It's clean up time. 

I'll be back (hopefully soon!) with fall decor, wedding fun, or more baby news.



Alisa said...

I love reading about your life. :)

CarsonFamily said...

have you discovered the pumpkin pie blizzard at DQ yet?? another dangerous beverage....

The Starr Family said...

My lands Missy you make me tired :) And I only have 2 little people!

Cannot wait to see if its boy or girl Starr!


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