Wednesday, September 01, 2010

The Situation

Whew!  What a week so far!  I feel like I haven't even had a chance to breathe, let alone blog!  I actually didn't even forget about "Meal Planning Monday" this time, it's just that we have yet to eat a dinner at home this week and it doesn't look like that's going to change until maybe Friday. And you know what?  I'm perfectly ok with that. :)

HOWEVER, In the midst of our busy week, we're taking the time to celebrate this awesome addition to society, awesome hubby, amazing father, and hunk of meat...we like to call this "The Situation"...

{photo courtesy of his first born daughter} He might kill me.

Happy Birthday, Jeremiah!  We love you and your sense of humor!  Thanks for making me laugh and always putting us first!



CarsonFamily said...

hmmmm... which is better, this "The Situation" pic, or J dressed up as Santa with the running shoes on?? LOL!!!!

The Lynam's said...

BAHAHAHAHAAAA!!! I'm copy & saving this and BLACKMAILING him with it! I'm thinking Jack Trice. HA!!!


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