Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Meal Planning Monday...on a Tuesday...again

Monday: Leftover Palmer's pasta from the couples shower for Brian and Danielle

Tuesday: Dinner at my parents while Mr. Starr is at Back to School Night.  Smoked meat of some kind and corn on the cob.  We're totally getting the better end of the deal!  Poor daddy!

Wednesday: Chicken, Ranch & Rice Soup that we didn't get to last week.

Thursday: BLTs and Mexican Bowtie Pasta from Little Birdie Secrets

Friday: We're going to give Casey's healthy Baked Ziti a try. And because my husband is a meat man, I'll probably add in some ground turkey. If eating this means that someday I'll look like Casey, then I'd consider consuming it for every meal.

Saturday: Block Party!

What's on your menu???


The Starr Family said...

What's on my menu?? Um... let's see, what in the fridge? You are giving me the push I need lady!

Casey said...

Thanks Missy! You look great and always do!


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