Friday, August 13, 2010

An interview with the now 5-year-old...

Addison, how do you like being 5 years old?
It's good, but sometimes I forget.

Why don't you tell us something about yourself. What's your favorite TV show?
Dragon Tails and Calliou.

How about your favorite food?
Macaroni and Cheese, the circle kind. {I'm pretty sure she's referring to Shells & Cheese}

Do you have a best friend?
Yes. Gracie and Praze. And Jaden.

What's your favorite song?
Goodbye, Everybody.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
A nurse, a doctor, a mom, and a veterinarian. Oh, and a person that helps animals. And a farmer.

What's something you like to do on a rainy day?
Splash in puddles and pick activities from the jar.

What do you like to do with your brother and sister?
Read Dick and Jane, color, play school and play library. {Basically anything, as long as she's the boss!}

If you were going shopping, what three things would you buy at the store?
Cookies, pizza, and soup, and milk. {Hmmm. All food items. She's a mama's girls, that's for sure!}

If you were a pirate, what would you keep in your treasure chest? Jewelry.

Would you rather clean up your room or take out the garbage?
Take out the garbage.

Addi, tell us how you celebrated your birthday.
With presents, balloons on my chair, birthday hats, swimming, jumping in the pool, dolphin rides, and eating at Hickory Park. We are going to have a pool party, too.

What did you eat for your birthday dinner?
Ice cream and some mac and cheese and French fries.

What was the best thing about being 4?
Giving hugs.

What do you think God has planned for you now that you’re 5? He’ll love us and give us a computer. And he’ll love us very much.

How do you think being 5 will be different than being 4?
Climbing trees. {??}

What do you want everyone to know about you?
That they love me.

I love you, Addison.
I love you too, Mommy.  Do you have more questions for me?

Is there anything else you’d like to say?
Well, I just like to watch cartoons, but my dad turns to baseball and I don’t like baseball. But sometimes I just like cuddling with my mom. And I like my dad. The end.



chandra said...

Love it!

Weesner Family said...

Too cute!! I love her little story at the end and the climbing trees part..made me laugh!

Kristal said...

She's too precious! I LOVE the pictures of your "big" girl! Hope you are enjoying your last few weeks of summer!

Jenni said...

hahaha what a lovable BIG girl!!!

The Starr Family said...

Happy Happy Birthday to her!! Don't you just love what comes pouring out of their mouths?

Kendra ;) said...

LOVE Miss Addi and all of her spunkiness!

ryangie said...

this is such a sweet post...


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