Monday, August 16, 2010

Hey there, handsome dude! 

Today is your 3rd birthday and while I'm still trying to recover from yesterday's party, you're making the most of this special day. Like usual, you've been going, going, going, non-stop since the moment your little feet hit the floor this morning. Bagel bites for breakfast, presents, baseball, balloons, and an adventure with Daddy -- your day has been, by your standards, nearly perfect in every way.

You know, Son?  Just the simple thought of you makes me giggle. You're live entertainment. Although, I'm quite sure it's unintentional. While not a "performer" by nature, you seem to always be "on" and have something to say.  Always. You talk (with your hands!) like it's your job. And during those moments when I find myself teetering on the edge of annoyance while answering all 10,387 of your question, I simply have to look at those ocean blue eyes, round face, wrinkled nose, chubby cheeks, and dimple and I melt.  Every.single.time.  Oh, you certainly do hold a special place in your mama's heart. 

And one more thing.  That laugh of yours?  It's the best and downright contagious!  You laugh freely and from the bottom of your belly. I pray that this sweet life of yours will be filled with days full of that laughter. Thank you for the smiles you bring to our home and for the love you show.  You're one of a kind, Little Man, and we all adore you more than you know!

Happy 3rd Birthday, Elijah Wrigley!



chandra said...

So Sweet! Happy Birthday to the little guy!

Scott said...

His laugh is unprecedented among laughs! My little nephew is the BEST.

Jodi said...

LOVE YOU, Elijah Wrigley!


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