Saturday, July 17, 2010


This weekend we're trying our best to relax and lay low.  It's now 8:37 am and everyone in this house (besides me!) is still sleeping.  Last weekend, however?  Last weekend was a completely different story.  We threw caution to the wind. Partied hard. Lived it up.  Sowed our wild oats.

Err.  Something like that. 

While we might not have exactly gone wild and crazy, we did stay up late, skip a couple naps, and busy ourselves with the excitement of Summerfest. It was a blast and worth every second of the resulting tiredness and grumpiness this week.

We started off the weekend with the kiddie parade.  I have to give props to my mother-in-law here because she was the brains and creative genius behind the whole operation.  Me?  I just dressed the kids.  All her hard work paid off and our little munchkins won 3rd place in their division. This year's theme was "Summer Fun" and our float read "Summer Fun.  The 'Starr's' of Toy Story 3."  Get it?!?

Lucky for us Aunt Lana walked along for moral support and the occasional lift.

After the kiddie parade we hurried off to J's baseball game, then back home for baths and bed. 

The following morning was the marathon parade.  We love this parade, but each year it seems to get longer and longer.  This year it lasted 2 1/2 hours.  The kids did awesome and their excitement was worth every last tractor, politician, and tootsie roll that came our way.

*Thanks to Jenni for this sweet picture of my almost Irish twins.

Unfortunately that's the end of my picture taking.  BUT, it definitely wasn't the end of our weekend!

The parade was followed by lunch with the Starr clan, short naps at home, the midway with J's parent's, and a date night with my hubby in the "leisure garden."  Let me just take this time to say how fortunate I feel to have married a man that enjoys and respects "fair" food as much as I do!  We had a blast testing out the latest foods on a stick, sampling the best lemonade, and trying some new additions -- crawfish (J) and cajun fries (me).  We're just two peas in a pod and it's clear God put us together for a reason.  Fair food.  Kidding.  Kind of.

Sunday we did church, lunch at my parents, naps, and then it was back to the midway for dinner and fireworks.  And because I want to remember it, I should attempt to put into words the excitement and adorableness of our kiddos when it was time for the fireworks.  Neither A or E could stop talking.  Addi did her best to handle it all with lots of maturity, frequently telling her brother and sister to pay attention because there was more to come, yet she'd let out the occasional high-pitched squeal. 

Elijah.  Oh, Elijah.  The kid was hilarious.  He would jump up and down, clap his hands, and call each explosion by color.  His enthusiasm was contagious and there's a good chance that I spent more time watching his reaction than I did the fireworks. He put on quite the show. 

Camden, our sweet little mover, had the attention span of a fly and didn't seem to care much about the "booms" after the first 2 1/2 minutes.  Enter: popcorn.  Give the girl food and she's content. Just like her mama.

We all rolled into bed by 11:00 pm and that concluded our loooong, exhausting, but FUN weekend!

And now I'm off to relax before the troops arise!


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