Friday, July 23, 2010


For the last two weeks I have been sooooo tired.  Like, the "up with a newborn every two hours" kind of tired.  Except I don't have a newborn and I'm not up every two hours.  I have a (beautiful) fetus and I'm up every four hours to pee. 

Admittedly, though, tiredness is not becoming on me.  In fact, it makes me down right grumpy. And you know what's worse than being grumpy?  Knowing you're being grumpy and feeling like you can't "snap out of it." Ugh. It's the worst. I came across this last week during one of my more unbecoming moments and it rescued me. Immediately my frown lifted, along with my mood and I was again reminded of the comfort in His truth and promises. 

I assure you it is worth all 8 minutes of your time.

See? Don't you feel better?!?

Moving on.

Quick, funny story...the other night on our way home from a baseball game we were passed by an ambulance with it's siren and lights on, clearly in the midst of an emergency situation.  This, of course, led to questions from the back seat.  Where's it going?  What's it doing?  Who's in there?  Do they have their seat belts on? What if a police man sees them? Do dogs ride in it? Can we go that fast?

I took a moment to explain that the ambulance was likely transporting someone who was very sick to the hospital so the doctors and nurses could take care of them.  Inevitably, this led to Elijah asking if I rode in "one dose (those) thingies when ou (you) sick and in hospital?" I told him that I wasn't that sick and that daddy was the one who drove me to the hospital. 

Then it dawned on me that I should take the opportunity to talk to the kids about when I have the baby, I will be in the hospital, but I won't be sick and it won't be a scary thing.  We discussed everything from how they would come visit me and how the baby and I will stay in the hospital for a few days while they were with daddy/grandparents, to the fact that the hospital has lots of juice boxes and an elevator (thank you, Addison!).

Then, the dreaded question from my little man.

E: "Mommy, how da doctor get da baby out?"
Me:"Err. Uh. They just have lots of practice."
E: "But how dey (they) do it? How dey get da baby out?"
Me (clearly struggling at this point): "They just do, bud."
E: "Dem (them) use dem pliers, Mom?"

Fortunately, I was laughing hard enough and long enough that he eventually forgot that I never answered his question.



Anonymous said...

love this post...thanks for the encouraging video--that's amazing...ryan had showed it to me a long time ago and i still cried this time too :) go figure! love your story...can't wait to meet your newest little one...we love you! hope you have a restful, ang

The Lynam's said...

adda boy dubs!!

Weesner Family said...

Just watched the clip...thanks for sharing! Amazing!


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