Wednesday, July 07, 2010

10 things

Yes, another list.

1.  One week ago today we were able to see this beautiful babe up close and (kind of) personal.  It was ahhhh-mazing! There's just something about seeing that little heartbeat, head bob, and feet dance that will never get old.  Little Quatro is growing perfectly, and like our other children, is the slightest bit ornery (it's waayy more cute and endearing inutero.  Don't 'cha think?!?).  The little peanut was extremely wiggly and made the very patient ultrasound tech work for each and every measurement. The end results were great and we are absolutely smitten over this little boy or girl.  Or monkey. 

Speaking of monkey...I should note that we took Addi with us and the whole experience was very unimpressive to her. Her thoughts? The baby "looks like a monkey" and that the ultrasound took "too long" and "was boring."  No worries. Despite her lack of excitement at the appointment, Addison's enthusiasm for her new baby brother or sister has not wavered. She spends her days creating potential baby names and possible room arrangements. God certainly knew what he was doing when he made her a big sister (3 times over!).

2. We had a fan-tab-ulous 4th of July.  Well, 3rd of July.  The 4th was kind of rainy and dreary, but Saturday the 3rd was PERFECT. We spent the day at my parent's pool with lots of family and friends. We swam, talked, ate, played, and soaked up the sun.  Since my camera was (again!) left behind, I'm going to steal a few of Jenni's pics to show off my patriotic water babies.

(thanks, Jenni!)

3. We now have the sweetest high school girl coming over to play with the kids a couple mornings a week for a few hours.  Dana is her name and I'm making her my new best friend.  She has made my life so much easier just in the few times she's been over.  And, the kids adore her.  On the first day she was here I had laundry done and dinner made by 10:00 am!  That's just unheard of around here, people!  The next day she came I ventured to Target ALONE and yesterday I got my workout in during her time here. Plus, I get to work in peace, without having a child climbing on me, trying to turn off my computer, needing to be wiped, screaming for a toy, or begging to "hit tees." Have I mentioned that I think Dana is just the greatest?!?  I do.

4. I'm in the midst of planning a swim party in celebration of Eli & Addi's birthdays next month.  It should be fun, but I'm still having a hard time believing that my first baby will be 5 years old one month from today.  More on that later.  I refuse to cry today.

5. This coming weekend is our town's Summerfest Celebration and I think it's safe to say that we're all pumped for the festivities.  Think: parade, carnival games & rides, good food, a beer tent, live music, and FIREWORKS. 

6. I guess it's an okay thing that I haven't been carrying my camera around much lately because our little Addison Clark has become quite the photographer.  She's consumed with my mom's point and shoot camera.  Here is a sampling of her "work" from this weekend.

7. Since becoming pregnant I really haven't had the desire to do many "projects" around here...until last week.  I had one "big" one in mind, which required the help of my handsome bubby, and he finally agreed.  So, we spent the better part of our day on Monday working this project.  It's almost complete and I can't wait to show it off soon. Don't get too excited, though.  We're rookies when it comes to this home improvement stuff, so even the little stuff seems "big" to us and excites us more than it probably should.

8. I'm contemplating the necessity of {this} in our lives. Seems practical to me, but we have about 342 other strollers living in our garage right now.  Just not one that can fit 3 munchkins. Thoughts?

9. My brother gets married in 3 months and 2 days.  I'm super duper excited.  Weddings are fun.  I hope to share their awesome save the date card one of these days.

10. We are slowly, but surely, crossing things off of our summer "bucket list."  Friday night was dinner at Stella's Diner and tonight I'm taking the kiddos to feed ducks at the pond, then to J's baseball game.  I'm thankful for renewed energy today after a less than energetic day yesterday.  Good gracious, I was pathetic.  Almost like I'm growing a baby or something. 



Jodi said...

I love your lists! :)

Brooke said...

Um, yeah. You better get that stroller before I get back from Okoboji and buy it out from under you;)

Love the pics of baby quatro! Summer is flying by. Lacey's wedding is this weekend so have some fun at Summerfest for us!

Jenni said...

LOVELY POST!!!! and i sure don't mind taking pictures of adorable kiddos :)

Jon and Jennifer said...

you totally need that stroller!! And super cute swim suits for the girls!!

Anonymous said...

love your lists too :) love you...ang


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