Friday, May 28, 2010

Welcome, summer!

I love today.

It's been one of my favorite mommy days yet.  The sun is shining and our summer has officially begun! 

This morning we picked Addi up from her final day of 3-day preschool, grabbed a few Happy Meals, and headed to a new park in town.  The park is equipped with one of those fountain things that shoots water, so I stripped the kids down and let them get drenched cool off.  They had a blast "chasing the water" and Camden even smiled through the occasional shot in the face.  Their smiles and laughter are all the motivation I need to continue our fun summer adventures. 

No doubt we'll be hitting up the fountain park again soon.  Along with that, our summer plans include almost daily trips to the splash park/pool, frequent picnics with friends, water balloon fights in the yard, jaunts through the sprinkler, popsicles on the deck, occasional trips to the library, and evenings at the baseball field. 

Tonight is the 3rd night this week we will have played/watched/eaten dinner at the ball park and we wouldn't have it any other way. Long nights at the field = tired kids.  Tired kids = easy bedtimes.  Easy bedtimes = a happy mommy.  A happy mommy = a happy daddy.  A happy daddy = ice cream for mommy.  You get the idea.  I'll stop now.

I'm sure it's no surprise that I don't have any pictures from our fun morning.  Sometimes the camera is just one more thing to carry around and, quite honestly, I feel like I miss out on all the action when I'm behind the camera.  Ya know? 

Anyway, it's only appropriate that I show off this picture today, on Addi's last day of 3-day preschool.  This is our girl with one of her teachers, Miss Sue.  Miss Sue makes Addi laugh like no one else. And you can see it in this picture.  She adores Miss Sue.

The good news is that Miss Sue isn't done with us Starr's just yet.  Elijah will be starting up where Addi left off in Miss Sue's class, as he beings preschool 2-days a week in the fall.  The following year he'll be in her 3-day a week program.  And the year after that, Camden will begin her duties in Miss Sue's class.  And, you guessed it...2 years after that Miss Sue will be teaching the fourth (& final!) Starr.  In case you were counting, that's 6 years total of preschool with Miss Sue.  It's a good thing we love her.  And we hope the feeling is mutual!

As for Addison?  She's moving on to bigger and better things...a 5-day-a-week (mornings only) preschool program.  It's her final year before kindergarten.  Where, oh where, has the time gone?!?

Well, we're off to begin our long, holiday weekend.  On the agenda?  Several baseball games, some swimming, a BBQ with the baseball coaches and their families, and lots of family time!  Hope your weekend is looking as good as ours!



Dillinger Family said...

where is the park at? Is it over by crocker elementary (or that side of town?)

CarsonFamily said...

Yes, please do tell where the park is! I know there is a fun one over in the new Prairie Trail development...

Jodi said...

I LOVE this picture!


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