Monday, May 24, 2010


I finally dusted off my pretty camera and got some shots of our wonderful weekend.

Cheering on Addi at Blast Ball

Playing after Church

Just being pretty

And Lots

And Lots

And Lots

AND LOTS of swimming!



The Starr Family said...

Your pictures just scream summer... don't you love it?

chandra said...

YEAH...the pics have returned! Sweet Cami looks soo pretty in red! Looks like summer has officially started over at the Starr's! Hope things are going well!

Spiegel's said...

Missy your kids are so adorable! They are all growing so fast too

chandra said...

BTW- you need to change the pics at the top of the blog from winter to summer! :)

ryangie said...

love the new pictures!!


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