Friday, May 07, 2010

Life lately...

It seems as though I'm a LOT behind on blogging business these days, so I thought I'd give you a quick recap on what's been going on around here.


Our biggest girl is finishing up her preschool year and we couldn't be more proud of the little student she has become.  At her spring parent/teacher conference Miss Sue went on and on about how great Addi has done this year and even went as far as to say "Addi is my favorite and I just don't know what I'm going to do without her next year!" (Don't worry, Miss Sue, the next Starr kid will be there to take her place! We wish you the best on that endeavor.) We're extremely proud that our little teacher's pet is so well liked, but what really has us boasting is the little person she has become - kind, sensitive, independent, witty, insightful, creative, imaginative, and loving.


Officially potty-trained for well over 3 months now, Mr. Eli is enjoying the independence that comes with being diaper-free.  Of course, with potty training comes what we like to call, The Tour de Public Restrooms.  Bleh.  I'm not complaining (too much!), though.  This is the first time in 2 1/2 years that I've only had one child in diapers and I'm enjoying the ride while it lasts. 

Aside from his ability to now identify when mother nature is calling, Elijah has been busy being all boy.  He spends most of his days asking to go out and "hit some tees."  And when the weather isn't cooperating with baseball practices, he enjoys playing with his trucks, watching cartoons, singing songs, and following around his big sister. Eli's at the age now where 90% of what comes out of his mouth is downright hilarious! He certainly keeps us laughing (& translating to the general public!) and is such a happy kid. 


Oh, Camden.  Where do I start?  This girl keeps me on my toes.  I'm sure she's my most "normal" child as far as behavior goes, but she's constantly running, climbing, and getting into things she's not supposed to. Cami Shea is full of spunk and has mastered the word "NO!"  Cami, want some ice cream?  "NO!"  Cami, let's go outside and play!  "NO!"  Cami, if Ed McMahon showed up on our doorstep with 1 million dollars, would you take it?  "NO!"  She's funny, that girl.

Something that isn't so funny, but is truly endearing is her attachment to her mama.  Camden is never far from my side and prefers to spend her days sitting on my lap.  Next to me would just be too far. 

I must note, though...while I know every parent thinks their kids are super smart, my little Cami Shea might be the brains of our bunch.  She has quite the vocabulary of her own and will repeat almost all words.  She knows all her animal sounds, a few colors, tries to count her fingers, and can put together several of Eli's puzzles. I'm not ready to declare her talented and gifted just yet, but I am certain that attempts to keep up with her big siblings have resulted in milestones that I'm not sure we're ready for.  She's too smart for her own good and we love her that way!

Playing with babies, hoarding her sisters princesses, dancing, and reading books are among Camden's favorites these days.


Coach Starr started baseball this week.  I gave him a kiss Monday morning and said, "See you in August, Hon!"  We love the baseball season and watching him coach, so the kids and I are anxious for warmer weather and the end of his school year!  In the classroom, Mr. Starr has encountered a few *ahem* unusual situations this spring, but always seems to handle them in stride. 

J has been keeping busy in his "free time" with investing/managing our funds in the stock market and with fantasy baseball (I just don't get it...).  However, he (we??) are just getting ready to embark on a new adventure in the world of rental properties.  That's right, he (we??) recently made an offer on a small (like reeeallly small), one bedroom home in the nearby ghetto and the offer was accepted.  We close sometime in mid-June.  This has long been a dream of my hubby's and since I love him and hate to be a dream-crusher, I am on board!  Go, J!  You'll do great!


Me?  Hmmm? I don't do much.  Just cook, clean, do laundry, change diapers, serve meals, make appointments, chauffer to said appointments, coordinate our calendar, get groceries, organize closets, wipe bottoms, dress, feed, and care for children.  All while working full-time from home.  Oh, I'm also growing a child. So there's that too. 

Speaking of my sweet little bean.  I went to the doctor yesterday for my routine appointment.  Dr. T had quite a bit of trouble finding the heartbeat, but finally managed to do so after about 5 minutes (which seemed like an eternity!).  The sweet sound was fleeting.  It lasted a few seconds at the most, not even long enough to get a count, but was music to this mama's ears. 

Other than the aforementioned activities, I haven't been doing much.  I'm still lacking a whole lot of motivation/energy.  Believe it or not, folks, I haven't spray painted anything, rearranged furniture, bought anything off of Craigslist, perused Goodwill, , taken a picture (for shame, Missy!), or repurposed anything in well over a month.  I just don't have it in me.  BUT, I can't wait until I'll be nice when I start feeling like myself again.  I think my kids and husband agree, too!

Well, lookie there.  I've written a novel and chances are I lost you back at "quick recap of what's been going on around here."  If not, thanks for staying with me...not just today, but these last few weeks as I've hit an all-time blogging low. 

We're looking forward to a fun-filled Mothers Day weekend...complete with a birthday celebration, clean up day at the baseball field, a first Blast Ball game, and time with our mama's!  Hope yours is looking as great as ours!


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Jenni said...

i made it through. and not JUST because i'm procrastinating my studying for finals! :) can't wait to spend more time with all of you this summer in our "off" months!! <3


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