Friday, April 09, 2010


First of all, thank you all so much for the congrats, well wishes, and "you're crazy, but way to go"'s!  Your encouragement means the world to us and I'm so glad you're all along on this adventure with us.  I make no promises that it'll always be a happy, well-documented journey, but it will be an adventure, nonetheless.  I'll be back soon to talk baby and show-off this already protruding baby bump, but for now I have some serious blogging business to take care of. 


Our's was great.  We celebrated with both families, hunted a bazillion eggs, and stuffed ourselves full.  A perfect day by my standards.

Again, I haven't fogotten about my big DIY reveal or my kid update posts, but the past two weeks have been spent with my head in the toilet and my butt on the couch.  However, thanks to my new BFF, Zofran, I'm starting to feel a wee bit better and I'm sure I'll be back to annoying you all in no time. 

Happy Friday!



Brooke said... nice comments, first. Your kids are SOOO stinkin' cute. I love them! You are such a great mommy!
Also, as you know it's going to drive me crazy that you're not finding out ahead of time the sex of #4.
For my not so nice comment...Tell J to pull his pants up! I can totally hear him telling some kid to pull his pants up;) I know that wasn't supposed to be the focus of the pictures...I just can't help myself sometimes.

chandra said...

The pics are beautiful. Addi looks sooo pretty with her curly hair and flower clip. Beautiful babes!
Glad Zofran is working for you. It helped me stop throwing up, but I still felt nauseaus all the time...till week 36!

Weesner Family said...

I am so sorry you are sick! That is just no fun. I was so sick with both girls. I just remember it got to be so normal for Ellie that she would just follow me to the toilet and keep talking to me like nothing was happening! I hope you are feeling better soon!

brilfamily said...

Zofran was my BFF as well! Hope you are feeling better soon!

Love the pic's of the kids. Could they be any cuter??

Jenni said...

you look sooo pretty in the pic of you and cam!


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