Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Randomness: 7 things

1.  Wednesday's haven't been particularly nice to me lately.  Today was no exception.  Computer problems, sick kids, shots, pee on the floor and puke on the chair.  Come on, Wednesdays, cut me some slack already.

2. I'm back to my running ways and enjoying every mile.  Goodbye treadmill, hello warmer days.

3. My week-long sugar boycott was a self-declared success!  It felt good and was much easier than I expected it to be.  I haven't completely sworn off sweets for good, but I feel much more in control.  Control.  It's good.  I'm a control freak, after all.  Thanks for all your well wishes and support.  The best advice was from Joanna.  She wrote, "Try to pray whenever you get a craving. If nothing else, it'll get you talking to God even more. Only He can satisfy."  Thanks Joanna.  I took your advice and let's just say -- God and I are tiiight!

4. I have {this} blog post from Kristin at We Are That Family bookmarked and I read it often.  It speaks to me.  Although I'm not proud of it, I can admit that I share her ugly spot. The word "sorry" and the concept of apologizing is difficult to teach, but in my case more difficult to model.  I pray that my children won't grow up having to tip toe around my emotions and short-comings.

5. My husband had me laughing hysterically during prayer time at church on Sunday when he held up his arm with a little baby sock clung with static to his shirt sleeve.  It was funny. Like, shaking and snorting funny.  You're laughing, right?  Ooookkk. Maybe it was one of those things where you just had to be there.

6. I have no plan for dinner tonight.  I'm just going to fly by the seat of my pants.  Or maybe we'll eat out.  I was secretly hoping a friend would call and ask if I wanted to meet for dinner.

7. This was my email to my mom yesterday and I thought maybe I should pass it along.  Good info, you know.

"I just had the stinkiest, smelliest, dirtiest, yuckiest, creepiest plumber at my house fixing the toilet. Seriously, I’ve had to Lysol down the whole house, but his stench is lingering.

ANYWAY, he did inform me to never ever, under any circumstances, use those bleach tabs in my toilet again. He said that they wear away some very important part (with a very fancy name) and will make your toilet leak everywhere. In fact, almost all toilet warranties are void once you’ve used a bleach tab.

Just thought I’d pass along this very stinky, useful info."

This public service announcement was brought to you by the world's greatest hater of toilet scrubbing. 



Tammy said...

Love your random things list. We've missed you at Cherubs the last couple of Wednesdays. I bookmarked the blog post by Kristin now, too. You are not alone! And, we had a plumber tell us the same thing about the bleach tabs...thankfully, it wasn't the same smelly plumber that you had. :-)

Joanna said...

Glad the advice worked.
I don't like to clean toilets either, which is why Scott does it around here. It was one thing I requested when we got married (among other things, I'm sure).


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