Thursday, March 18, 2010


Last Sunday we attended the birthday celebration of our sweet little friend, Praze.  The party was at Incredibles Pizza and was, well...incredible!  If you've never been there, think...Chuck E. Cheese, with go-carts, bowling, and miniature golf.  It was awesome and the kids had a blast!  Once again, the proof is in the pictures (which didn't turn out very well due to lack of knowledge by the camera operator poor lighting!).

And my favorite picture of the afternoon...

I know.  Eeeewwww!  (But so so funny. I couldn't resist.)



Brooke said...

I'm laughing so hard at Cami's picture! SOOOO CUTE!

Jon and Jennifer said...

Oh Cami's picture is sooo hilarious!!

And with the camera, I was talking to a pro. photographer the other day about trying to not use my flash and adjusting the ISO and he said that even at times, he too has to use his flash. Especially since he doesn't want to take the ISO up very high, he suggested to never go above 1600 ISO otherwise there is too much noise in the background. I even think 1600 is too high sometimes, especially if after the fact you're adjusting exposure which with a high ISO makes the picture look grainy/noisy.

chandra said...

that pic of Cami is going to come back and bite her someday! I am sure it will be in a senior or wedding slideshow someday and she won't think it is funny. As always...cute kids and fun pics of the rock Starr's!

ryangie said...

Love it!!


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