Tuesday, February 16, 2010

An introduction of sorts

It is my distinct honor to introduce to you the two newest members of our circus.

Blog friends, meet Two and Chang. 

Two and Chang, meet my blog friends.

Now that we're all aquainted, let me tell you a little about these funny frogs. 

Two and Chang were a Christmas gift from two grandparents who shall remain nameless.

They arrived the first week in January via UPS.  That's right, they're mail-order frogs.

Addi and Eli each had the privilage of naming one of the green guys.  "Two" was chosen by the two-year-old (who else?) and "Chang" was Addi's (very random) pick.

Two and Chang have led a very "hoppy" existence in this crazy house for just over a month now, which is no easy feat.

The kids enjoy watching them, feeding them, and trying to figure out who is who. 

All in all, they've been a very (low-maintence) welcome addition to our family.


1 comment:

Jodi said...

What silly grandparents would do THAT???!!


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