Monday, February 15, 2010

Hi, my name is Missy and I'm a sugar-aholic.

It's Monday.

I'm tired.

The house is a mess.

My kids have snotty noses and scary hair.

Our dog is a bum.

And I am considering giving up sugar for a week (or more if I'm not on the crazy farm come Friday).

Welcome to the week, right?!

I love sugar. Chocolate, in particular.  And "love" is no understatement, folks.  Love.  As in, I'd consider selling one of my offspring for a container of Nutella, a pan of brownies, or a box of Girl Scout cookies.  My sugar addiction is no joke and it.must.end. I have a feeling limiting the sweet stuff would lessen my headaches, even out my mood, increase my energy, and decrease the size of my backside (read: ghetto booty).  All good things.  But the sacrifice is steep.

Why am I telling you all of this?  Well, because I figure that writing it down and publicly announcing my intentions are the best ways to guilt myself into following through.

Who's with me?  I'm looking for a little support and encouragement here.  A 'You can do it!' or a 'You go, girl! would be great, but really what I need is a padlock on the pantry and an fire alarm on the fridge.

And just so we're clear -- my morning cup o' joe with creamer stays.  It's non-negotiable.  I need it like I need my liver.  Or a trip to Target. 

God, be with me as I embark on this journey of the unknown.  Amen.



brilfamily said...

Good luck Missy! I am right there with you and I would not give up my cup for coffee either!

The Laumans said...

You can do it! Once I cut out sweets my cravings (like a bag of chocolate a day craving) went away! For sure have more energy now too.

But I know it's hard. I love my chocolate too :)

Kendra ;) said...

Way to go Missy! I am on the wagon too! I better blog about it quick! ;)

Joanna said...

Good luck!! You can do it! I have a friend who cut chocolate (well, sugar in general) out of her diet a while back--she never thought she could do it, but now when she eats a little piece of very dark chocolate it's a special treat and almost too sweet.
Try to pray whenever you get a craving. If nothing else, it'll get you talking to God even more. Only He can satisfy. I can't imagine how tough it might be, but it will be worth it, and once you get past the initial period, it'll get much easier to say no.

The Lynam's said...

You can DO IT!!! And, perhaps you can inspire me to do the same. SAS.. sugar-aholics support

chandra said...

You can do it Miss! Better you than me, although my weakness isn't the is the salty things...chips, crackers, bread, potatoes, etc. I love me some carbs! Good luck!

LOVE those munchkins and the new camera pics! I just LOVE my canon and I can see you do too!

Jodi said...

OK...does that mean I shouldn't bring treats to the meeting? Kidding!!!

Casey said... name is Casey, and I am too a sugar-aholic...and I am not going to wish you good luck because you will need a lot more than that!

Megan said...

YOU CAN DO IT!! Give it up for Lent...there is a start and an end, which helps. I gave up candy, desserts aka, all sweets for Lent a few years back and i did better than i thought....because I LOVE sugar too! Come the end of Lent, it wasn't the race to the candy isle at the grocery, more of an easing back into it.

A couple years later, I'm fully on the wagon of sweets, but I'm pregnant, so that's my excuse. Maybe after this little girl makes her appearance I'll give it up again.
GOOOOOOD LUCK! It's much easier than you think!


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