Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Be still my aching uterus

One of my very best friends in the whole world had the most adorable baby girl a couple of weeks ago.  Of course, I was just dying to get my hands on her, so I devised a plan.  Dinner was my cover.  The baby was my target. I knew that once I got myself in the door with a casserole in hand, I would for sure be allowed to cuddle that little bundle of love.  My plan worked to a "T." Ang, of course, said we didn't need to bring anything.  I knew that.  But in my world, food = love.  Addi and I spent a wonderful hour loving on the precious princess and her cute as can be big sis. 

Ang is a fantastic mommy.  But I already knew that, too.  She just oozes patience and pride with those girls.  Seriously.  You can feel the love in their home.  It's such a joy to be sharing in this phase of life with Ang and I'm super pumped to watch our kids grow up together.  I envision our little ones someday hanging out on the top of a tornado slide during third grade recess.  Oh wait.  Their moms are the only ones dorky enough to do something like that.  Regardless, I'm hopeful that oneday our kiddos will find a friendship in each other that resembles the one Ang and I have.  I mean, you can't talk about leaking breasts and saggy stomachs with just anyone. It's something special and I feel blessed to have her in my life.

By the end of our hour together my uterus was aching and I was tempted to scoop up the little sweet pea, stick her in my pocket, and take her home. 

But that wouldn't be nice. 

And more than likely, it would be the end of a great friendship. 

So for now I'll settle for frequent visits and lots of snuggles.  It's the next best thing to kidnapping, I guess.

She's seriously perfect in every way.  Don't believe me?  See for yourself.



brilfamily said...

I am right there with ya Missy! So many of my friends are having babies and I am like, awww. So I am trying to get Chandra to have another. hehe!

ryangie said...

thanks, mees...what a sweet post :) we think you starrs are the greatest! love you...

Joanna said...

She is beautiful!! Tell them congrats on the new baby!

chandra said...

You crack me up! Nice title BTW...it is an attention getter for sure!
I think you should have antoher to make it a nice even number! What is this nonsense about Alicia trying to get me to have another...funny girl she is! She needs to have one!
Great pics of Ang and the baby. BTW- what did she name her? Yes...I am nosy!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for loving on my girls MEES! What beautiful pictures! I think your kids are the cats pajamas too! Just adorable!! Jodi and I are very blessed grandmas!!

Kelli said...

Love the pictures! Please tell Angie hello and congrats! :)


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