Tuesday, January 19, 2010


If you were a fly on the wall in our house today the dog probably would have hunted you down and eaten already.  BUT if you were lucky enough to survive this feirce creature

then these are just a few of the many things you may have heard today...

* "Please use your hands to pick up those Cheerios."  "Why?!?  Because your toes are dirty and don't work as well as your fingers! That's why!"

* "Honey, we don't stuff toilet paper in our big boy underwear."

* "Because I only make one 'yucky' lunch a day!  That's why!"

* "But Mom!!  If I put my toys away now, then I just have to get them out again later!"

* "No, Ty does not need you to give him a hair cut."  "No, he is not hot."  "Yes, he always smells like that."

* "Yes, you're a great harmonica player!"  "No, no, I do not need to see all your spit.  Thankyouverymuch!"

* "Yes, I'm sure you weren't 'born-ed yet' when daddy and I got married."

* "Thank you.  I'm glad you 'like my prickily legs'."

And my personal favorite:

* "Mommy, I got an idea!  Those kids can come to our house, eat our food, drink our water, sleep in our beds, and play with our toys!"  -- Addison, after watching {this} video of a Pella couple being reunited with their adopted Haitian daughter at the orphanage in Haiti following last week's devistating earthquake. (Thanks for sharing, Dawn!) 

I love her heart.


Jodi said...

NEVER a dull moment! Can you EVER keep a straight face?

The Laumans said...

So sweet!! And the haiti kids should be in pella in just a few hours!

Kendra ;) said...

Ha! Those sweet Starr kids! I would have thought that J may have said a few of those...;)

Jenni said...

soooo funny! i was seriously laughing out loud! and cute pic of ty...was that on the new one!???


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