Tuesday, January 12, 2010


1. Apparently I'm a fan of using numerals in my posts.

2. Addi is wearing a sundress today just because she wanted to.

3. When I was doing my 3rd set of squats today I rested my elbows on my knees.

4. We've had a really great day so far. All three kids played together in Eli's room for almost two hours this morning and I have yet to lose my temper (this is HUGE!).

5. When the kids make a big mess during meals, I've been known to let the dog up for the sole purpose of eating their mess. Work smarter, not harder. Right?!

6. Yesterday I let Elijah wear Addi's princess shoes when we went to pick her up from school.

7. I have to re-apply my deodorant after getting the kids down for naps. It's that much work.

8. Eli has a scar under his nose because when he was 9 months old I let him fall face first off of a chair at the Splash Park. {Remember?}

9. I'm a bit sad that Camden is almost completely weaned. And I hope it doesn't mean that I will, subsequently, gain weight.

10. I have LOTS of pregnant friends right now and I am just a wee bit jealous of those beautiful baby bellies. HOWEVER...

12. I, in no way, shape, or form, have ANY desire to be pregnant right now. :)

13. I believe that cheese and sour cream (in that order) can make anything taste good.

14. In order to brush my teeth and apply a little makeup in peace this morning I let Camden and Elijah play with an entire box of tampons.

15. I serve my kids Garden Salsa Sun Chips and tell myself they pass as a veggie.

16. As a reward for completing all my continuing education credits and renewing my nursing license today, I am going to order myself {this coat} in "jazzberry". Try saying it. "Jazzberry." It made you smile, didn't it?!? Technically, it's a Christmas present from my parents, but it still feels like a reward!

17. My husband has great legs.

18. Elijah woke up from his nap when I was on #15 and I've been pretending I couldn't hear him so that I could finish up this post.


Andy and Chelsea Reed said...

i laughed out loud with the tampon comment.. Maybe i should do around of confessions..

Jodi said...

You are seriously hysterical!!

Julie said...

OMG I loved the tampon one too.
TOOOOO funny! But, it's always good to have a sense of humor right?! I LOVE the coat. Let me know if you like it...I have been looking for a black/plaid coat!
Thanks for the laughs....You made my day!

Jenni said...

hilarious as always...i personally liked the elbows during squats confession. at least you're still burning calories! :)

brilfamily said...

This is so cute and I SO wanted that coat!!! I was waiting for it to go on sale! Too funny! Let me know how it is!


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