Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Santa Experience 2009

It's days like today that I wish I was a good storyteller. Because only a good storyteller could do justice to last night's Santa adventure. But, since I'm not, let me just tell it to you like it was.

This year we waited until the last minute to make our annual visit with The Man, Mr. Claus. Mistake #1.

So, last night, on December 21st, we packed up everyone and everything (including 3 very bundled kids, a stocked diaper bag, a double stroller, the camera, and a Yonkers return), then headed out amidst rush-hour traffic. Mistake #2.

We finally arrived at Jordan Creek mall, hoping to see the very best Santa in the world at 5:30 pm. The line was approximately 30 feet long and Santa was just leaving for his dinner break. At this point we made the decision to make our return and come back, in hopes that the line would be shorter. Mistake #3.

15 minutes later we returned to Santa's village to find him and a line that was now 50 feet long. Out of options, we jumped in line with the bajillion parents, kids, and dogs. That's right, DOGS. Yep, ironically, our trip to visit St. Nick coincided with "bring your dog to visit Santa night!" Mistake #4.

At this point, we had three very hungry kids and two impatient parents in a line that had moved approximately 5 feet in 25 minutes. Feeling defeated, we made the executive decision to abandon ship, load up the troops, and make our way to mall #2 to see Santa #2. It was a calculated decision and could have gone either. Lucky for us, this was our only good decision of the night.

Once at Valley West Mall we made a bee line for the food court, filled our faces, then raced {Literally. Another mom and I left our families behind and speed-walked side by side, as if in competition to see who could get to HIM first. It was a photo finish, but in the end I was gracious and let her win.} to stand in the seemingly fast moving, much shorter line. So, there we were. Approximately 15 minutes after taking our places in line, it was our turn. And we did what every exhausted parent would do. We forced our three screaming, clinging children onto Santa's lap, snapped a quick pic, translated the wish lists from a shy 4-year-old and a babbling 2-year-old to a rushed (not so friendly!) Santa, grabbed our coloring books, shouted a "Merry Christmas" and breathed a huge sigh of relief. By 8:20 we were back in the minivan and on our way home.

In the end we decided that driving the the North Pole would probably have been a much quicker, less stressful, and more efficient way to see Jolly Ol' Saint Nick. But we got 'er done and made some memories!

And if you missed it or are even the least bit interested, click {here} to see my recent post with pictures of our Santa Experience from the last two years.


Jon and Jennifer said...

you should have went to valley west in the first place because the jordan creek santa doesn't wear a hat and coat like the "traditional" one should. we went to valley west last year and we were impressed with how fast they moved them in and out. Well you got your picture and that's all that matters!!

Brooke said...

Oh Missy! Why do we do it? Andy got off work early and we went to Merle Hay Mall. The kids rode the train twice and we only had to wait a couple of minutes. I even had Charlie's 2 1/2 month picture taken at Picture People while the boys shopped for my bday present. The pics turned out great and we were back on the road by 5:30. As we START praising the boys in the van they start kicking, KICKING, each other in their carseats. It was all downhill, AWFUL!, when we got home. Meltdown after screaming meltdown...and that was just mom and dad. It was bad! My dad says they're just too excited for Christmas and we should give them a present, HA! Sorry this was so long, I had to share!


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