Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

From our family to yours...

T’was the Starr Christmas

T’was the month of Christmas, at the Starr family abode
J’s teaching 4th graders, Missy’s washing yet another load.
The stockings are hung on the chimney with care
And in this house a moment of silence is rare.

The children are healthy and love their new home,
They run wild here, with more room to roam.
Missy’s in her office, J coaches at the field.
Many a summer nigh’ did the baseball season yield.

When in the back bedroom I hear a big clunk,
Our sweet little Eli has jumped from the top bunk.
Away through the hall, I fly with a flash.
I arrive just in time to see my little boy crash.

Two thousand and nine was filled with fun stuff,
But it wasn’t always easy, some days were rough!
Life with three little ones brings us great cheer.
We love our family and are grateful they are near!

We have sweet Cami Shea, so lively and quick,
One-year-old and will soon catch her “big” brother on the measuring stick!
Elijah turned two and enjoyed many a Cyclone game.
And he whistled and shouted and called them by name!

“Now, Arnaud! now Tiller! now Mahoney and Herman!
On, Alexander! on, Stevens! on Rhoads and Burnham!”
To a bowl game they go. It’s been a great fall!
It’s bowl day! It’s bowl day! Hold on to the ball!

As the preschool year began we said our goodbye.
When it comes to inquisitive Addi we know she will try.
On top of preschool she made her debut
In basketball, and soccer, and in gymnastics too!

So three is eventful and here is some proof.
Camden is up and walking on only two hoof (hooves!).
The babies are constantly running around,
Leaving big sister to be patient and profound.

It’s amazing I can work with three kids underfoot.
Processing and editing the files get put.
Three years I’ve been working for the Trans Tech pack.
I couldn’t enjoy it more and think I’ve found my knack.

His eyes – how they twinkled! His dimples how merry!
J’s teaching gig at Oak Park can sometimes be hairy!
Always with a kid in tow,
His weekends are filled with errands and Home Depot.

Mesha (Randy) and Hawkwa (Terri) to our kids they bequeath
The love for Disney and Peter Pan’s dagger and sheath.
Always willing to help, they make sure our kids aren’t smelly.
The kids never leave them without a treat in their belly!

Papa (Larry), the carpenter, built us a bench and shelf.
Jojo’s (Jodi) so excited for our Disney vacation, she’s beside herself!
We spent the summer poolside, baked brown like bread.
With Papa and Jojo water was tread.

Having our siblings visit is always a perk,
Yet they seem to leave after riling the kids to berserk!
Aunts and uncles, you know how it goes,
They spoil the kids like it’s their job and it shows!

The love in our house, louder than a whistle.
The bonds we share, more powerful than a missile.
And even though from the outside, we look like quite a sight,

The Starr Six
J, Missy, Addison, Elijah, Camden and Tyrus

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Casey said...

Your so clever! Loved the poem.


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