Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thankful Tuesday.

Today I'm especially thankful for the obvious: my family and friends.

Anyone who has read my blog for longer than a day knows that I've been incredibly blessed with the most patient husband, 3 curious kids, 1 lazy dog, 2 sets of loving and generous parents (in-laws included, of course!), two kind brothers (and their sweet girls!), a hilarious sister-in-law, a protective brother-in-law, a beautiful niece, 3 (living) inspirational grandparents, several supportive aunts and uncles, a handful of fun cousins, and some of the best friends a girl could ask for. Wow. That's A LOT!

These people mean the world to me and I find so much joy in the time I spend with them. Thank you, family and friends (bloggy and non-bloggy friends alike!) for your love and presence in my life. Today I am celebrating you and am so incredibly grateful for our special relationships. Thank you for keeping me grounded, for giving me purpose and drive, and for giving me unconditional love...the feeling is mutual.

-- Missy


Jodi said...

You're the best daughter anyone could possibly hope for. I am SO proud of you! I Love you. Mom

Casey said...

Might sound funny, but I am thankful for facebook and the opportunity to reunite with friends from the past!


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