Tuesday, November 17, 2009


In celebration of our baby turning 1 last week, we had a huge shin-dig modest family gathering at our place on Sunday. Despite the fact that our sweet little Cam did not want to nap before the party, she had an awesome time and was such a trooper! So many of our fantastic family members graced us with their presence to honor our princess and, once again, we felt so blessed. I've said it time and time again -- our kids are sooooo lucky to have an abundance of great friends and family, who love and cherish them as much as we do.

Back to the party. Here's the recap:

We did a "cupcake" theme, as you might remember from the {preview of her party invite}.

I ordered a shirt from a seller on ETSY and our wonderful cake lady, Traci, from Let's Talk Cake, designed a huge cupcake cake to match. It was incredible!

We had snacks, soups, rolls, and muffins, followed by cake and ice cream.

Sweet Cami Shea was sufficiently spoiled with gifts, including, what most might consider, a new wardrobe and many toys (which have provided hours of entertainment for her big brother and sister!)! We've been having a blast dressing her up in her new digs and watching her discover new toys. She's just such a joy.

So, that's that. The party is a wrap. The planning is done. And now we can just sit back and enjoy our one-year-old and her big siblings.

Oh, yeah...here are just a couple pics of the birthday girl and her cake from the par-tay! I'll save the rest for a jam-packed Wordless Wednesday tomorrow. Stay tuned.


brilfamily said...

Looks like she had a great party Missy! You are so creative!!!

Jon and Jennifer said...

Adorable!! Can't wait to see more pictures of that sweet, sweet girl!!

chandra said...

So fun! Love the shirt she had!


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