Friday, September 11, 2009

Because he asked...

This blog post is specifically for my husband, who emailed me from school and asked for a blog post to brighten his day.

Who could say "no" to a request like that?!? Not me.

Hang in there, babe, because in less than 17 hours we will be doing more of this:

(Showing our Cyclone spirit!)

Some of this:

(Hanging with family!)

And LOTS of this:

(stuffing our faces!)


Jon and Jennifer said...

Looks like you guys are having fun. I love tailgating...we'll be there, except cheering for the Hawks of course :)

CarsonFamily said...


chandra said...

What a nice wife!
Go cyclones...and also
Go Gophers!!...home opener in the brand new outdoor stadium tomorrow!

Brooke said...

You and J are adorable! Have fun tomorrow! Go ISU!

The Lynam's said...


1. Daddy had a bad day at work.
2. Daddy misses his kiddos.

Either way, what a fun post :)
PS: Thanks for the bread... it was SUPER TASTY!!!


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