Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Dear blogging friends,

You are the ball I have let fall.

Life has gotten busy lately and I've been {} to do it all. To juggle everyone and everything perfectly. However, earlier this week I realized that I just couldn't keep all these balls in the air any longer and that I would have to let some drop. So, my friends, unfortunately today you're one of my falling balls.

This blog has always been a place for me to take a break, to journal, to brag on my kids, to show off pictures, and to document our lives, but with everything going on these last couple of weeks I had this constant nagging feeling like I should be blogging -- like it was another thing on my already too long to-do list. Of note, these are feelings I have placed on myself. In no way have I ever felt pressure from any one off my 22 followers to keep this thing updated. I'm just sayin'.

Anyhoo, I promise my juggling skills will get better with time and you will once again make my priority list, but for now -- you're the ball I have let fall.

Just as a recap, here's what's been going on in our lives:

J - went back to school, celebrated thirty-one-derful years of life on Monday, is knee-deep in fantasy football, and has been super single dad several evenings lately while I've been away for meetings.

Me - juggling, juggling, juggling.

Addi - starts school next week, began gymnastics yesterday, saying funny things ("These panties are choking my bottom."), and has been playing in the neighborhood with the "big girls."

Eli - is missing his daddy, talking like it's his job, has discovered the art of a "tight hug," and finds himself in TO (time-out) several times daily.

Camden Shea - crawling like she's training for a race, pulling herself up on EVERYTHING, makes her way under my desk to play with cords, can wave bye-bye, fake laugh, and give kisses. I'm trying to savor every.single.second. She seems to be growing at warp speed. *tear*.

That's about all for now. I'm running around like a mad woman this morning trying to get everyone and everything ready for tailgating and the big Cyclone football opener this evening. Somehow, year after year, we still manage to maintain our enthusiasm and optimism about the upcoming season. Maybe this will be the year our faithfulness will pay off? Probably not. But we're determined to have fun anyway.

Until next time friends...



Jodi said...

I think you (and J) do a super, super wonderful job! Constantly impressed! Don't be afraid to ask for help if we can help in some way that we don't think of! :) Can't stop chuckling about the "choking" Addi-ism!!!

chandra said...

Hey Miss,
You are super woman! You don't even need to write much...I enjoy the pics of everyone just as much! Hopefully someday things will settle down! :)

The Lynam's said...

Seriously Miss... don't be so stinkin' hard on yourself! You are the mom of 3 under 4 (just not the same as 3 under 3 anymore), working full-time, and all the other things that go along with each! Don't worry 'bout a thing... we'll still stalk you. I mean follow you :)

Lizzie said...

I think I found your problem...the date at the top of the blog says that you posted this yesterday. So you see, it is Blogger's fault that you feel a day behind. You are great no matter what day it is!! Some day we will be able to leave these little ones in the capable hands of their daddies and take a break, for more than a few hours! Until then, just keep one foot in front of the other and it will all get done eventually!

Julie said...

Missy....put your family first. they are the important ones here. they will grow up so fast, as you are aware, so they are top priority.
in your spare time (if you have any) post pictures.
love your pictures!!!
you do an amazing job of juggling all in your life.
go clones!!!

Jodi said...

LOVE the new blog lay-out! Very cool. 143mom


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