Wednesday, August 05, 2009

A sight to see...

Let me paint a little picture for you.

This morning if you would have driven by our house at approximately 8:15 there are several things you would have seen.

First of all, you would have seen my husband up and at 'em mowing the yard.

You also would have seen the dozen or so birds circling him, preying on him, and acting as though they were preparing to dive-bomb him. Stinking hilarious!

It's possible you would have seen him abandon the mower several times and run towards the house squawking like a little girl, "It's dangerous out here!" Only to resume his chore minutes later.

And finally, if you were driving by our humble abode around 8:15 am you definitely would have seen my three monkeys outside in their jammies, bedheads, and bare feet with metal cake pans and wooden spoons in hand, banging them together, yelling "shooo birdies, shoo! Leave my dad alone!"

It was a great start to the day.


Megan said...

hilarious!! I can't only image what your neighbors thought. you go from that to tutu making? wow

The Lynam's said...

HA!!! Man I wish I could have seen that!

CarsonFamily said...

next time, break out the video camera!!

Brooke said...



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