Monday, August 17, 2009

Happy Birthday, Eli!

Our little man turned 2 yesterday and although we spent most of the day in transit from a weekend getaway, rest assured that Elijah celebrated in style...with swimming, playing, presents and dilly bars!

Oh, this boy just brings us so much joy and laughter. We thank God for a little boy that can run, laugh, throw, jump, and climb one minute and can cuddle, giggle, sing, and play quietly the next. He is my little cuddle-bug, but make no mistake, my second born is ALL boy!

Here's a little about Mr. Elijah Wrigley...

Elijah, at the age of two you...

* Sleep 12 hours a night and rarely fuss when it is time for bed.

* Always ask for Daddy, "Ay-ya" (Addi), and "baby" (Cami) first thing in the morning.

* LOVE all balls, trucks, choo-choos, and "guys."

* Your favorite words are: "No" "Ball" "ho-tel" "shoes" "mine!" "truck" "me too!" "po-ol" "No Ty!" and "cute baby."

* still suck the middle two fingers on your left hand and play with your hair using your right hand.

* Hitting baseballs, riding your bike, and "mowing" are your favorite things to do in the yard.

* ADORE your big sister and want to do everything she does -- including playing with dolls, dressing up, and painting your toes.

* Daddy is your favorite and mommy is okay with that.

* You're not much of a TV watcher, but on occasion we'll catch you dancing to the Imagination Movers, laughing at "Mo-mo" (Elmo), or captivated by a baseball game.

* la la love to hold your "baby" (Camden) and think you're hot stuff when you do.

* You're not picky when it comes to food. Really, any will do and the more, the better.

* have a sensitive heart and really don't like to be told no.

* nap like it's your job...usually from 1:00 to 4:00.

* run almost everywhere you go.

* have no interest in potty training.

* often undress and tell us that you're "hot."

* talk with your hands and always cock your head to the side when in conversation.

* still go by: Eli, Dubz, Boo, and "Elijahwrigleymommysaidno!" :)

* HATE the vacuum (and apparently the Rainforest Cafe).

I can honestly say that raising a boy has been one of the best things I've had the privilage of doing. He is so fun and keeps us on our toes daily! Thank you, Eli, for being "all boy" but still letting me cuddle you...I hope it never ends. Happy Birthday, Buddy. We love you to the moon and back, Boo.


Jodi said...

We love you, too, Elijah Wrigley Starr. 143Papa and JoJo

ryangie said...

happy birthday little, moriah (& her parents too!) we wanted to call yesterday, but were not home either :(

Jon and Jennifer said...

What a cute post! Hard to believe your little guy is 2 already. He is such a handsome little boy!

The Lynam's said...

Wow! I can't believe he's 2! FYI... I'm stealing your birthday blog format when it comes to that time for Keelyn :)


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