Friday, June 26, 2009

End of the week links...

I'm going for quality rather than quantity this week, as I only have a couple links to share.

First, check out Jenni's swwweet furniture rehab. She isn't like most 20 year olds. Nope, not Jenni. She's wise (and crafty) beyond her years.

And today's grand have to head on over to Allison's photography blog to see her amazing work and my beautiful babies. I was brought to tears to see my life through her lens. She has a fantastic eye, was sooooo patient with my kids, and is just as sweet as can be. Plus, she brought along her fun and helpful sidekick/kid entertainer/ baby holder/stuff carrier/friend, Tara.

Here's a preview from her blog. Check Allison's blog for more and I'm sure I'll be posting plenty more here in the coming weeks (consider this your warning).


Jenni said...

ah thank you missy :) and those pics allison took are the cutest pictures i've ever seen!!! they are so good i think scott and i need some to hang up in the apartment :)

chandra said...

love the pics, especially the blue tutu pic!

Megan said...

I have been away for so long...4 posts! The recent pics are BEAUTIFUL and priceless. love them!


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