Thursday, June 04, 2009

An early start

This morning as I was sipping my second cup of homemade iced coffee I was thinking to myself, "Why am I so tired?" Just then I caught a glimps of my to-do. Today, like most other days, that list was 50% complete by 8am. I don't necessarily consider myself a go-getter when it comes to my to-do list; however, I've learned that if I want to be productive, it generally needs to be before 8 am when the monkeys get up for the day or after 9 pm when they're down for the night (and let's face it -- I'm useless after 8:30 pm!).

Today's before 8 am list?

Yes, I really do write all these things down. I enjoy crossing things off my list. It makes me feel productive. I've omitted bathroom breaks from this list, seeing as that might be just a bit too personal. (Kidding. I don't put bathroom breaks/diaper changes on my to-do list.)

1. Work
2. Feed baby
3. Run
4. Brush dog (who, by the way, is shedding like nobody's business)
5. Work some more
6. Shower/dress
7. Start a load of laundry
8. Start coffee
9. Get kids' breakfast ready
10. Clean the kitchen/empty dishwasher
11. Make bed

It's no wonder I have a caffeine addiction and the need for a nap just hours after starting my day!

Thank God for renewed energy everyday.


Jenni Ross said...

nothing better than crossing something off the list! ;)

Kendra ;) said...

I love to add things to my list AFTER I have done them...just so I can cross them off! :)

CarsonFamily said...

You are a SUPER MOM Missy!!

The Lynam's said...

Seriously, there is nothing better than to do lists with lines thru them. Oh... and having fun notepads makes it all that much better, too!!

The Laumans said...

Ok, so what time do you get up??
I do the list thing too, but lately mine has been starting a LOT later in the day :)


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