Saturday, June 20, 2009

Daddy's girl

Last year on Mother's Day I posted this in honor of my mom and had intentions of doing the same for my dad come Father's Day. However, Father's Day 2008 came and went, sans a post about my dear old dad. I hadn't forgotten. I just hadn't "gotten around to it." During the months that followed there was always glimmer of guilt in the back of my mind. Not because my dad was expecting a Father's Day post or even because he needed to hear how much I love and appreciate him, but because I wanted him to know those things.

Well, on October 24, 2008 my guilt reared it's ugly head as I watched my dad suffer a heart attack, undergo emergency open heart double bypass surgery, and come as near to death as humanly possible. Waves of emotion flowed over me that day and the weeks following -- fear, sadness, anxiety, relief, happiness, thankfulness. However, the emotion that kept coming back was that of guilt. I still had not taken the opportunity to express to my dad how much I love him and how grateful I am for all he has done for me.

So, today -- before another single hour passes -- I am going to attempt (knowing I will fall short) to put my father's greatness into words.

My daddy...where to start?

First and foremost you should know that my dad is the smartest man in the whole world. Really, he is. I know saying that is like saying that my kids are the cutest kids ever, but you've seen the pictures, so you know it's true. I can not lie, my dad truly is smarter than yours. Unfortunately it took the better part of my life to realize the magnitude of his intelligence. He's now my "go-to" guy (next to J, of course) when it comes to life decisions, computer maintenance, handyman hints, and pretty much everything else. He knows all.

He might not know it, but I look up to my dad (& mom!) more than anyone else in the world. Sure, I went through my phases of idolizing New Kids on the Block, Laura Ingles Wilder (weird, I know), and Justin Timberlake. But, through it all, my father has been the backbone of what I do. My work ethic? Thanks to my father. My "making informed shopping decisions" skills are because of my father. The way I always give people the benefit of the doubt is due to my dad. My good looks and sense of humor? Well, that's from my mom. :)

There are so many things about me that are a representation of my dad. He helped make me successful, happy and honest. He helped make me passionate, responsible, and athletic. Of course, he also made me competitive and a little short-tempered, but even those, what some make call "negative qualities," are endearing to me when I think of where they came from.

From the beginning my dad (again, along with my mamma!) has been my teacher, provider, role-model and problem solver. He is the one that made me believe I could do anything, and the one that comforted me when I failed. He is strong and wise. And everything I could ever hope to be.

It has truly been my honor to be his called his daughter. I have been blessed beyond words. Yesterday as I watched my dad hold my 7 month old daughter in the swimming pool against his scarred chest it occurred to me that without God's goodness on October 24th, she may have never known how smart, kind, genuine, giving, and fun her Papa is and how much he loves her and her brother and sister. I'm so grateful that she has the opportunity to experience his love and guidance, just as I have.

Dad, today on Father's Day, I need you to know how much I love you and appreciate what you've done for our family. In all honesty, I could probably write a book about you, so this is a good start. You've been generous with your love and lessons and I look forward to much more to come. In the months since your heart attack I've seen you embrace life with a renewed passion and enthusiasm-- and it's contagiously exciting! While I will still be wrapping up and presenting you with a tangible Father's Day gift, we all know that the real present this year is the gift of TIME. I look forward to spending lots and lots more time with you, Daddy. Happy Father's Day! I love you.

Today I am more proud than ever to be called a "daddy's girl."
(Pic was taken BC -- before Camden :) )


Micaela said...

Very nice-you made me cry and I don't even know you or your father. Have a great day!!

chandra said...

Love it! We share the same sentiments about our dads!
Have a great day.

Kelli said...

What a nice post!

Jenni said...

that is such a great picture of papa and the kids!

Anonymous said...

Your dad is one of the two best guys in the world! The other is his brother. Their wives are right there with them.

Happy dad's day to the Voigt boys



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