Thursday, May 07, 2009

Guess who....

Got her very first itty bitty baby bottom teeth?

Sat on her own for 5.3 seconds?

And, who apparently prefers to sleep on her tummy?

This girl, that's who:

*sniff, sniff*

Where have the last 5 1/2 months gone?!? My precious baby girl is getting so big and we are loving her more and more everyday!

It might, just might, be time that she starts sleeping in her own crib, in her own room. Truth be told, she was probably ready months ago, but her mama wasn't. :)


The Lynam's said...

So cute. So big! Who taught her to stick her tongue out?

Jon and Jennifer said...

She is so cute Missy!! Love the tongue picture, my guys do that too, as if their trying to feel like little toothers and rubin' on those gums!


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