Friday, May 01, 2009

5 Things: A fabulous Friday

1. Today we are celebrating the birth of Baby Bushard! My twin cousin, Chandra, and her handsome hubby, Darryl, are the proud parents of a little princess. For now, she shall remain nameless, but I'm pretty sure they have to come up with a name at some point. I mean, I don't think they let you leave the hospital without a name. Or maybe they do. OR, maybe she'll follow in the footsteps of the Artist Fomerly Known as Prince and have a really cool symbol thingamabob as her name. Yeah, pretty sure that won't happen. But, regardless of her name we are so excited for Chandra and Darryl and can't wait to see the little beauty in person.

2. Tonight and tomorrow I'm going to be gathering with my sisters in Christ (and my mama!) at the Women of Faith conference. Sweeeet. Although, I'm pretty sure it is one of those things that will have me bawling like a baby or rolling with laughter. I'll brace myself for an emotional rollercoaster.

3. Since I'm a total cheepskate I've spent most of my afternoon making baby food for my babe. I wasn't concerned with the chemicals in store-bought babyfood as much as I was blown away by the cost and packaging. Organic baby food can run upwards of $.87 a jar and I am not paying that. So, out came the fresh veggies and my magic bullet and to work I went. In the end, I probably have enough to feed all of Jon and Kate plus 8's bunch for an entire week. Except, they're 4, but if they were babies I could so totally do it.

4. The May Day baskets are assembled and ready for delivery. You shouldn't be surprised to know that most of the popcorn landed in my monkey's mouthes, rather than in the cups baskets. But, seeing as we were nearing lunch time, I rolled with it, served up some string cheese, carrotts, and peaches and made a meal of it. I'm lazy crafty like that.

5. Today marks the end of co-parenting and the beginning of single parenting for the next three months in this house. That's right, folks, it's baseball season for Coach Starr! And, while I'm ready for warm evenings at the field, I'm not so ready for the long days ahead. God, grant me patience.

We're off to deliver May Day baskets. Have a wonderful weekend!


Anonymous said...

What a good mama! 143mom

Anonymous said...

I agree organic baby food is so expensive! Plus, somehow all the store-bought food looks brown.:-/ I love how colorful homemade food is!



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