Wednesday, April 01, 2009

One of my favorite times of the day is my "cuddle time" with Addi. Usually after I wake her up in the morning she asks me to lay with her. I crawl in to her bed (which, incidently, was mine when I was little), she tells me I'm squishing her legs, we cuddle, talk, and then, inevitably, she asks me to scratch her back.

Now, I have plenty of comforting memories from my childhood of my Grandma Joyce and my mom scratching my back, so I understand Addi's enjoyment.

Well, yesterday as I'm scratching away our conversation goes like this:

Me: Why don't I ever get my back scratched.
A: *pause* Mom, I love you, but you're just too big.

Sorry, I didn't realize there was a size restriction on back scratching.


The Lynam's said...

EEeewwwww... that is what we call a bummer dude. Tell me... did you do your normal April Fool's joke to J this year?

Broooke said...

Super cute! I always wanted someone to "itch" my back...well, still do!
Owen held up JUST his middle finger this morning and explained to me that his middle finger is the tallest finger. Sam then did the same thing. I can't wait for them to tell their grandparents! HA!

Anonymous said...

The love the conversations you have with Addison that you post, they're way too funny! She must have quite the personality.



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