Thursday, April 16, 2009

I was right...

I was right about two things.

#1. Last weekend's weather was much nicer than than the weekend's prior. Thank you, Mr. Sunshine.

#2. I'd be posting about our Easter weekend in a not-so timely fashion, but before the end of April. *pats self on back*

So, here's the short version and LOTS of pictures since no one wants to hear me ramble on. Not that I have a tendency to ramble. Never. Not me. I'm always brief and to the point and never go on and on about the smallest, most minute, details. Huh? What's that? I'm rambling again? So, I am. *ahem* Ok, then, back to our weekend...

Our Easter weekend was filled with egg decorating, egg hunting, park playing, food eating, family bonding, birthday celebrating, and empty tomb praising! :)

Ready for the Church Easter egg hunt.

"Ok, here's the plan, Brother..."

Proof that Camden was, in fact, a part of the festivities.

Addi's very full basket.

Sorting through the loot.

Don't get too close, Addison.

Easter egg hunt at Papa and Jojo's.

Action shot.

Again, proof of Camden's presence.

Mama and her lil ducklings.

Egg hunt at Great Grandma Starr's.

And, Sunday night reading with Jenni. They just love her.

Despite the abundance of photos, I actually missed a few of our highlights: egg decorating, our morning at the park, the kids' full baskets from the Easter Bunny, Easter morning itself, and my Grandma Nana's 80th birthday celebration. That's what I get for setting the camera down. :(

Speaking of Easter...I have to share the funniest Addi story to date.
Easter night I was tucking Addi in bed and we had just said her prayers when our conversation turned to this:
A: "But Mom, we forgot one prayer."
M: "Oh, ok. Go ahead."
A: **Re-folding hands and bowing head**
"Dear, Jesus, thank you for the candy. Can I eat it all tomorrow?"
**Silence and nodding, followed by looking up at me**
A: "He said 'yes', Mom."
Needless to say, I was speechless and not about to undermine Jesus' authority.
Lucky for me, the following day I was able to convince her that 2 pieces of candy were all she needed.
Gotta love that girl!


The Lynam's said...

Looks like you all had a blast! Where on EARTH does Addi come up with it all!?!??! Such a smart girl :o)

Jenni Ross said...

what a great weekend! glad i got to see you all :) and it looks like the kids made out pretty well on all those easter egg hunts!!!

Kendra ;) said...

LOVE all the pics! And that Addi...I think she could have her won reality TV show! And I am an expert on that topic!


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