Friday, April 17, 2009

5 Things: Mr. Starr

1. Mr. Starr always smells good before he leaves for school in the morning.

2. He doesn't have to be to school until 8:05am, but is usually in his classroom by 7:10am.

3. He's a fantastic teacher. I'm in constant awe at how he makes teaching 11 year-old, inner city kids look EASY. Lesson plans take him a matter of minutes. Projects are developed in seconds and he has a knack for applying real life lessons to everyday teaching. Example: Right now Mr. Starr's students are rewarded based on their behavior in the form of stocks. So, each student is required to utilize their math skills in order to figure out how much their stock is worth. Depending on that value, the students are rewarded with recess time, special treats, etc.

4. He takes pride in watching his student's learn and grow and he is fair, firm, and consistent.

5. Mr. Starr leaves his "work" at school and his a better husband and father because of it.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'm in awe, too. Good job, Daddy Starr. JoJo


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