Monday, March 16, 2009

We had an wonderful day today. Perfect by nearly every standard. We ran around our new yard, colored with sidewalk chalk, played with play-doh on the deck, walked to two different parks, and splurged on Happy Meals for dinner. Not to mention, our ringmaster daddy is home on spring break.

However, as I lay in bed tonight and reflect on our day, I can't help but to have a heavy heart.

Yesterday we received the news that a family friend, Tracy, was killed in a snowmobile accident while on spring break in South Dakota with her family. Tracy, her husband, Brett, and their three kids go to our church, as well as own and operate Sports University.

Soon after we were married J and I both took part-time jobs at Sports University, giving baseball and softball lessons. At that time in our lives, prior to kids, Brett and Tracy certainly appeared to have it all. They had three beautiful kids and were pursuing their dreams of opening an indoor sports complex. Certainly, an inspiration to us, a young energetic couple with big ideas.

And today, several years later, here I am -- enjoying gorgeous weather, loving on my three kids, and cuddling with my husband -- all things that Tracy will never again get to do. My heart just aches for the Van De Pol's.

To say I feel undeserving is an understatement. I love my life. And I know that is God's plan. But, I also know that Tracy's untimely death was His plan, as well. No doubt it sounds totally irrational, but on one hand I feel guilty. I was blessed with today and Tracy wasn't. On the other hand, I'm waiting for the other "shoe to drop." That's the way it works, right? Things are going great and *BAM* your dad has a heart attack; or *BAM* a really great mother, wife, and business partner loses her life. Like I said, I know it is irrational and not the way God works, but my emotions tend to get the best of me.

Lucky for me, tomorrow is a new day and I get to spend it with my babies and hubby. Things always seem better in the light of day, right?

I'm off to bed and to pray for the Van De Pol family. Join me, won't you?

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Kendra ;) said...

Oh Missy...I will be praying for that family. :)


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