Monday, March 09, 2009

Same circus, different stage.

Hello from Elkhart the faaarrr Northeast side of town! Sorry about the lack of posting lately but, you know, we've been busy packing, loading, unloading, unpacking, organizing, and adjusting. Plus, I told myself that I couldn't blog until all my thank-yous were written...and I had a LOT! I'm here now, though, and my pile of thank-yous just made their way out to our mailbox/community gathering area. Seriously, it's the place to be!

The actual move itself went well, but was incredibly exhausting. We're still recovering, as are all our helpers, I'm sure. Our family and friends were amazing and we're not sure what we would have done without them. Literally. Without them we'd probably be living out of the back of the big 'ol U-Haul that didn't even fit half of our crap. I just can't even put into words our gratitude for all their help.

Now, about the house.

I'm in L-O-V-E. With my laundry room, bubble tub, walk-in closet, large entryway, tile floors that don't show every.single.crumb, and with our new neighborhood. All of it. Everything. It's great. Many of you have been asking for pictures and I really want to show off the new pad, but it is a ridiculous mess around here. And someday I'd like to forget that it ever looked like this. So, here are just a few to hold you over until the unpacking is done and piles are put away.

The entryway, looking upstairs.

The family room.

The kitchen (and mess).
Looking out the front door at the mailbox/community gathering area.
Looking out the backdoor.

Out the backdoor, to the West.

Did I mention I love our neighborhood?!? Everyone is so young and social. Everywhere you look there are kids playing, parents pushing strollers, or neighbors congregating. With the AWESOME weather last week we were able to get out, explore, and meet the neighbors.

Those of you who have heard my first impression with our new neighbor are all laughing to yourselves right now. I just know it. And, those of you who haven't and are in need of a good laugh...check back sometime later this week for the story of my most embarassing moment the friendly encounter.

That's about all for now. The kids are sleeping and I'm working while enjoying the peace and quiet. Hope you all are having a great Monday!


Megan said...

CONGRATS!!! I was asking Erin if you were alive under moving boxes. The pics are great. It took time to pack and will be the same to unpack.


The Lynam's said...

Yea for the new house!! I am in LOVE with your kitchen! Jealous, jealous, jealous!!!!!

Brooke said...

There's no mess! It looks fabulous! Can I say we just moved to explain our mess? Seriously, you are in great shape! I'm also very jealous of all of your space!

Jenni Ross said...

i will admit i am in love with your house. and i'd kill for that kitchen! it's BEAUTIFUL and i'm sure you will have a great time once all the unpacking is done!!! congrats! and tell the kiddos we say hi! :)

Anonymous said...

We LOVE your house, too! So rewarding for you after the long-haul of getting there! We love you. By the way, I've told everyone I talk to about your first impression in the neighborhood! 143mom


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