Thursday, January 08, 2009

Laugh of the day....

Ready to laugh?

Close your eyes and picture this...

(duh. Don't really close your eyes. You need them to read.)

We're sitting at a stop sign waiting for the busy morning traffic to pass. The sun is shining brightly in the East. Addison is my co-passenger and our destination is preschool. I look to my right, then my to my left, but am blinded by the sun. I raise my hand to shield the rays and our conversation goes like this:

A: What are you doing, Mommy?

M: I'm blocking the sun so I can see if there are cars coming.

A: Why?

M: Because the sun is bright.


M: What?!?!

A: I said, "JESUS!" Jesus, please stop Mr. Sunshine for a minute so it doesn't hurt my mom's eyes.

And then, for an instant an inflated cumulonimbus (thunderstorm husband's a teacher, ya know) floats in front of good 'ol Mr. Sunshine and blocks his rays.

Ok, this last part didn't happen, but we did get to cross traffic safely. Prayer answered.

Good story, huh? I've got plenty more where that came from. I've been back-logging them in my brain and need a release.

More to come...


The Lynam's said...

Addi seems to have ALL the best things to say... JESUS!, and what did J tell me once... she said elephant after everything much like he says donkey?? That girl is crazy & cute!!!

Jenni Ross said...

oh goodness that little girl...where does she come up with this stuff!?!??

Kendra ;) said...

What a doll! I can barely stand it! :)
I am on pins and needles waiting to see what Angie Smith is going to post that she is having so much trouble with...I bet I have refreshed my browser 2,049 times yesterday and today!

Anonymous said...

That's my girl!! :)


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