Thursday, January 22, 2009

I know you all are probably so tired of me telling you how busy I've been, but seriously, our life has been crazy this last week!

Very exciting news to come! No, I'm not pregant again. And, no, I didn't lose all my baby weight. I'll keep you guessing for now...

Now, for another quick Addi story --

This morning as I was getting Addi out of her carseat at school we were exchanging kisses. I told her I'd miss her while she was at school and, with all the sweetness in the world, she grabbed my face in her little hands and said, "You'll be ok. Call if you need me, Mom." Aww...

And, here's another for good measure.

A couple of weeks ago Addi was playing with some foam number cut-outs. She brought them to me and I would hold one up, say the number, and she'd repeat it.

Me: "One."
A: "One."

Me: "Two."
A: "Two."

Me: "Three."
A: "Three."

You get the picture. After about three times practicing numbers 1-9, Addi stops and says, "Wow, Mom, you're really getting good at this."

Ok, I lied, here's just one more --

Elijah had picked up one of Addi's dolls and was holding it, causing her to throw herself to the ground, and act as though she had been told that she would never eat again. She was instructed to go to her room and calm down. While in her room, I heard Addi yelling, "He has my doll. I just want it. It's not fair." I yelled from the other room, "Addi, it's fine, he'll be done with it in just a minute." To which she yells back (in the most sassy tone ever!), "Mom, I am not talking to you. I am talking to Jesus!"

*Sigh* I digress.


Anonymous said...

Missy - I know the secret! I had SOOOO much fun holding Cami the other night! She is just so precious. I am so jealous of Jodi for having three amazing grandbabies....Can I just have ONE of them??? hehehe Your blogs either make me laugh, or cry, or both!
(your stalker) .... Julie

Jenni Ross said...

okay i'm crying i'm laughing so hard! i think it's a mix of your storytelling abilities and that's a crack up! thank you for the laugh :) and i'm SO excited for your "news" ;)

The Lynam's said...

I think I know the secret, too :) :) :) I LOVE your cute kid stories... Addi MUST get it from you, not J :)

Anonymous said...

Obviously, the "secret" is one we're all VERY excited about! SO happy for you! You deserve it! mom

Julie, I gues you can't officialy HAVE one of these grandbabies but we'll gladly share! jodi

Kendra ;) said...

I only hope the Dixon is as hilarious as Miss Addi! I agree...I have told Brooke that she needs a blog...I bet there are WAY funny times with her three sons! I will pretend that I don't know the news and get REALLY excited about your next post!!! ;)


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