Thursday, January 15, 2009

Good and bad...

The good news: We have a nice, warm house.

The bad news: It still hasn't sold.

The good news: I finished 7 loads of laundry and the 8th is in the washing machine.

The bad news: My washing maching broke...while the 8th load was in it...on the rinse cycle.

The good news: I get a new washer!!

The bad news: We have to buy a new washer.

The good news: I'm back in the gym.

The bad news: It takes every ounce of motivation I can find to get there.

The good news: Once I'm there, I really enjoy my workout.

The bad news: I am seriously out of shape!

The good news: I've lost 2 pounds!

The bad news: I still have ** pounds to lose.

The good news: J's home from school today.

The bad news: My children turn into wild monkeys when Daddy's home.

The good news: It's almost nap time.

The bad news: Wild monkeys almost never nap.

The good news: Eli learned how to say "banana."

The bad news: He also learned how to say "no."

Eh, I'll take the good with the bad.


The Lynam's said...

Gotta hate the bad, we sure do! But ya gotta love the good. Good luck to you on turning the bad into good, and making the good great :)

The Laumans said...

yay for new washer! i can do double the size of loads i used to be able to do in my old one!!

Anonymous said...

Actually, my dream was always 2 washers and 2 dryers!! Thought that would be heaven! We all have dreams, huh?!! :)


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