Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Not so wordless Wednesday...

The Christmas catch-up. Hmmm...where to begin?

Well, I guess the beginning would be a logical starting place. Prepare yourself to be bored with way too many pictures and details.

Our CHRISTmas festivities began on the Saturday prior to the big day. We celebrated with J's parents and his sister's family and, as always, it was a great time. It's really a trade-off, though. These past few years we've gotten together on a weekend before or after Christmas, which is a sacrifice we all have to make so that we can be together. However, it is SOOOO nice that we get to spend an uninterrupted afternoon/evening together, opening presents, eating dinner and enjoying each other's company. Unfortunately, our niece, Payton, wasn't able to make it due to some seriously crappy weather, but we hope to see her very soon!

Mesha, Camden, and Hawkwa

So excited!

(Lana and Tony -- how the heck did I manage to NOT take any pics of your beautiful faces?!?)

The next few days were filled with last minute shopping trips, baking, and excitement.

Why is that no matter how early I begin my shopping or how prepared I feel, there are always so many last minute things to do?!? And, in all honesty, I really didn't go "overboard" this year. Just ask my husband. Oh-well, it was all worth the madness!

Christmas Eve we headed to the 5:00 service at Church with my parents and brothers. All three kids sat with us to experience the excitement, singing, and candle-lighting (yes, I realize that a Addi and Eli + fire = potential DANGER!) and I can proudly say that they all did really well. Of course, we had 6 sets of hands to help and LOTS of toys and snacks.

After Church we went to my parent's for snacks, presents, and fun! He's going to kill me for saying this, but I feel like the blogging world should know that J, the self-proclaimed king of games, was totally dominated by Danielle, the apparent Queen of Wii bowling. Oh, good times and great memories. I'll post pics once I get them from my mom.

Christmas morning started with presents and cinnamon rolls. Randy and Terri came over to try out the new toys, then we were off to J's grandma's house. No doubt, the highlight was scoring some sweet gifts in the adult grab bag gift game. Magic bullet and Sham-Wow, need I say more?!?

Addi's princess castle.

This is how Camden spent Christmas morning.

From there we headed to Story City to spend Christmas night with my grandparents, aunt, uncle, cousins, parents, and brothers. We stuffed ourselves full (again!) and enjoyed time with family that we rarely get to see.

Cuddled with Papa.

Danielle and Eli. Check out J in the background. He gets like that sometimes.

Brian and Elijah in their matching shirts.

Eli and Scott.

Once again, the kids were sufficiently spoiled beyond belief. And now we really need a new house, just so we have a place to put all of their new things! :-)

The morning of the 26th was spent with four of my bestest friends from high school. A tradition that began 8 years ago as a progressive dinner has now evolved into a, more practical, potluck brunch. It has truly been my honor to have these girls as friends and I can't even express my excitement at seeing them and catching up on where our lives have taken us. (Pictures to come -- hint, hint, Ang, Holly, Erin or Kim).

Speaking of friends, my fun continued on Monday night when I spent the evening with old teammates and friends at Cheddars (where else?!?). Dinner, conversation, laughs, and the splitting of cookie monsters have all been a time-honored tradition with these Central girls. I L-O-V-E the fact that we have shared sooo much -- on and off the field. It's like we have a secret that very few people are privileged enough to share. I left the restaurant that night with sore cheeks from laughing and a warm heart.

Class of 2002 softballers, minus Molly.
This was only about 1/4 of the girls that were there!

And, to back track a little...Sunday, the 27th, was the Voigt Christmas. We were missing Colin, Colby, Chandra, Darryl, and baby-to-be, so we were all bummed about that! However, in true Voigt fashion, we managed to have a great time. Although, I can NOT wait to see Chandra and her baby bump when we head up to MN for her baby shower!

Uncle Terry and Eli with his new Cubs book from the Bushards.

Aunt Nancy and Addi opening presents.
As you can see, it's been a crazy week. But, we're making up for it, as we have no plans tonight, New Years Eve. NO plans. Nada, zip. Maybe, if we get wild and crazy and feel like changing out of sweats, we might take the kids to IHOP for dinner, then to Jolly Holiday Lights. Maybe. If they're lucky. :-)


Anonymous said...

Whew! When you put it all down in black and white, it definitely sounds overwhelming! :) The crazy thing is that it doesn't take long before we're complaining about being bored! 143mom

Kendra ;) said...

WOW it sounds like you had a great Christmas! That is so funny about J and bowling...I remember he couldn't even let 10 year olds win at DODGE BALL! That is so fun to get together with your friends too!


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