Thursday, December 04, 2008

It's December 4th...

**Happy due date to me.
Happy due date to me.
Happy due date toooo meeee.
Happy due date to me.***

I'm soooo thrilled to be holding this little peanut in my arms, rather than still carrying her in my belly! I love you, Cami Shea!

(Thanks to Lisa Cowart Photography for the awesome pics and her patience! Check her out! More to come.)


The Lynam's said...

#1. I'm glad you're holding her, too.

#2. I LOVE your new family pic on the blog.

#3. You two and your backwards kissing kids pictures... always too cute.

#4. I WILL need the name & number of your photographer... even with a crying Dubs, you STILL have the best family pics ever.

Spiegel's said...

Missy your family pic is so cute and pretty hilarious. Does Kreese still take your pics? Your family is so cute!

Anonymous said...

The fam picture you posted is my ABSOLUTE favorite! Of course, seeing it in person was even funnier! 143mom

Kendra ;) said...

That picture of the fam is tooo cute! And I love the one of you and J.! J.'s face is funny and your laugh is priceless! Cami is so sweet!

brilfamily said...

I love the new photo Missy! too cute!!! What a beautiful family you have!!

Chelsea and Andy said...

I love the new family picture.. And Cami is so cute. Where did you get her name? Hope you all have a great X-mas..


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